Chamax Plague

(The Classic traveller Adventure, written by William H. Keith, Jr. and J. Andrew Keith)
After the failed capture of the smuggling ship, the team returns to Herdessa Base aboard the Lavisar Courier to debrief with Jedi Master Cadan and Commodore Tane. After their report that the Looma Carrier was destroyed by a pirate ship, a patrol cruiser was diverted to recover the wreckage. They were able to recover some of the crew's remains and the ships cargo. The remains of lieutenants Tharend and Motlin will be sent home for burial. The weapons being smuggled included E-4 blaster rifles made by Baktoid Armor Works. Following their report, Commodore Tane has decided to upgrade the Lavisar Courier. A medium ion cannon will be added, as well as a small sickbay with a medical droid and a small 4 cell brig. Additional charging stations will be added as well to support the droids in the crew. During overhaul, the team splits up. Commander Nivix oversees the work on the ship, Lelan is trying to get permission to upgrade an Aethersprite fighter and is told he needs more flight time. So Lelan spends extra time in simulators and training with the senior flight instructor. Fom is working on a new lightsaber. Bruin is working with the Republic Intelligence detachment, studying the data he pulled from the Looma Carrier while Quint and XTR-MN8 question the prisoners.
Once the overhaul is done, Alana takes Lelan, Fom, Ysht'yelakht and XTR-MN8 and the new crew, Lieutenant Go and Sergeant Lergo on a shakedown run. They jump to a nearby system the Republic uses for training and take the ship through an asteroid belt used for gunnery practice. Once the exercise is over, Herdessa Base contacts them and orders them to respond to a distress signal. Herdessa was contacted by InStarSpec, a mining company working in an asteroid belt in the Chamax system. There is a cold and mostly lifeless planet in the system that has been relatively ignored. A recent re-survey discovered ruins on the surface, so an exploratory team was sent. They reported the ruins are openings into large subterranean complexes and they were recovering artifacts. Then there was a panicky message "We're under attack, we can't hold them off. There are too many, they're coming though the hull!" Blaster fire is heard in the background.
Alana plots a course for Chamax and they jump into hyperspace. When they arrive, InStarSpec gives them more information about the planet, ship and exploratory team. When they arrive in orbit, they detect the ship and another metallic object near the ruins as promised. Alana lands the corvette, it is the middle of the night, local time. The crew watches out the bridge windows and XTR-MN8 scans the area. The smaller object is an enclosed speeder car, the speeder and the ship have large melted holes, no signs of life or movement. They disembark and investigate the speeder, the hole wasn't made by blaster fire, maybe acid? The ship also has holes in it, when the enter the cargo deck, they find more holes, about a meter wide, melted through doors and walls. There are a number of small crates, the kind used for protecting fragile objects, sealed and strapped down. There are also a half dozen fuzzy spheres, about a half meter across, scattered around the area. They start prodding them and Lelan pokes one with Telekinesis. The ball starts to unwrap into a spider-like creature the size of a large dog. It starts moving along the deck in an almost mechanical fashion in a slow search pattern. It approaches Lelan, then suddenly leaps on him. It grapples Lelan with the tentacles around its jaws and bites him. Others are starting to twitch and unfold. Lelan slices the creature in half, it spills acid to the deck and they jump away from the splash pattern. The creatures dissolves in its own acid. Alana shoots one without noticeable effect. Fom attacks another, it too releases acid. Yesh fires a grappling disk to the ceiling and winches himself up, one of the spiders jumps and misses him. Yesh realizes they must have an acid reservoir behind their jaws, he pinpoints it and opens fire. Each shot that hits the reservoir destroys the creature. XTR-MN8 opens fire also and they quickly kill the active creatures. Alana, Lelan and Fom retreat from the ship while XTR-MN8 moves forward and finds more hibernating spiders at the rear of the cargo bay. he climbs the stairs to the neck deck and sends his MSE droid to scout. The MSE droid finds dozens more on the upper deck, they ignore the two droids and XTR-MN8 gors to the bridge and pulls the ship's log. He then goes to the rear of the upper deck and finds the center of the hive, a massive queen in hibernation, surrounded by more spiders. He withdraws, gathering up any weapons he finds. Other than a few blood stains, there are no traces of the crew, anything organic has been consumed.
Yesh is investigating the sealed crates and finds a alien artifact, a beautiful light reflecting statuette. He takes it and XTR-MN8 stops in the machine shop to lot parts. Lelan and Alana catch on and order them to return the items, they cannot loot and plunder the ship. With the ship's log, they learn that some of the crew took the missing speeder to explore a city to the north. The team had dug into the ruins, but found the hibernating hive underground and killed the queen. The local spiders awakened and attack, then more came from other ruins in the area and overran the ship.
They fly north to look for the other speeder. They detect a weak distress signal and find the missing speeder near the other ruins. They examine the speeder, footprints and spider tracks lead into the mountains. They fly up the valley and find hibernating spiders rolled up on the ice. Higher in the mountains, they find a cave with a weak infrared signature. Alana sends XTR-MN8, Spots and Bolt to investigate, but Spots is in charge because they don't trust XTR-MN8 not to steal things. Spots calls XTR-MN8 "renegade" and they are lowered by cable to investigate. The survivors are in a cave, huddled around a small space heater, living off emergency rations. They too had disturbed a hive, but ran into the mountains, hoping the cold would force the hunters to hibernate. The survivirs are check for infection and brought aboard to be treated by M3-M1. The survivors are dropped off at InStarSpec's space station and the team returns to Herdessa.

Silly Quotes and Smart remarks
Michael knocked over Emily's stack of chips and was having trouble re-stacking them
Chmiel "He's got the wrong chipset"
Michael "I wasn't a casino droid"

Lelan is training with the senior instructor
Mike "You're turning too fast. We need to stop by the pharmacy. I've had my turn signal on for the last half lightyear."

One of the new crew is a marine from the Judicial Branch Fleet
Raleigh "Judicial marine? Is that like a space bailiff?"

Michael is joking about oiling his droid's joints
Emily "Do you have a built in oilcan?"
Mike "He's self lubricating"

Once they realized they were dealing with alien acid spewing monsters, lots of quotes from Aliens

Kevin is trying to move past the hibernating monsters
Emily "Try walking without rhythm"

XTR-MN8 is looting and is ordered to return the items
Jim "Jayne, don't steal too much of their shit"