Celebration Of Light

Held around the summer solstice, the Celebration of Light is a three day elven celebration that venerates the sun. The days are filled with athletic events and contests of skill, followed by nights of merriment. Elven communities name local champions based on the outcomes of contests in archery, running, musical composition, poetry, etc. Any forest dweller is welcome to participate in the festivities.
Rjurik legends say that if a skald is captured by the Gheallie Sidhe during this celebration, they can demand the right to perform before the elven court. If the court appreciates their performance, the skald will be released unharmed and forever allowed to walk the elven woods. One such legendary skald was Jan 'silver flute', who was granted his eponymous flute in return for his performance and became one of the most famous skalds in Rjurik history.