Catacombs Of Opal

(This was a short, one nighter intended to introduce Niels' new character, Lord Flop. It was also Cinco de Mayo, so we were drinking…)

The party has arrived in Opal and splits up for some relaxation. Ulayoth and Antonio go gambling and Antonio takes him for 30 gold and spends it on wine for his brother. Jozan and Kiriana visit the temple of Tyr, then go to dinner with her family. Fenric and Cyrus go shopping separately.

Returning home from his book shopping, a man, dressed in fine clothes but soiled from the sewer, runs headlong into Cyrus. The man is in something of a panic and Cyrus detects traces of psionic energy on him. Cyrus calms him down, the man introduces himself as Lord Flop and explains that he has just come from a terrible incident. Cyrus takes him to a bath house to be cleaned up and has his clothes laundered and mended. Flop explains his story to Cyrus, and Cyrus takes Flop to the temple of Tyr, looking for Jozan. They have missed Jozan, but the priests heal Flop's wounds and they go to the inn. Flop tells his story to Antonio, Fenric and Ulayoth. Antonio sends a message to his brother for them to return to the inn. When Jozan and Kiriana return, Flop tells his story once more and they decide to investigate the catacombs the next day.

The party ventures into the catacombs and comes to the area where the combat occurred. They stumble across a shrieker and Kiriana kills it, but it has sounded the alarm. A group of humanoids (Grimlocks) attack them, but the monsters are slain easily with the help of some Troglodytes Fenric summons. Moving deeper into the tunnels, they meet more of the Grimlocks, then another group, these accompanied by a beholder. Cyrus Disintegrates the beholder and the rest of the party slay the humanoids again. They finally find the monsters' lair, a complex of rooms. They are attacked by a pair of Hellcats, one of which knocks Flop down and mauls him. Cyrus Metamorphizes into a weretiger, and attacks the other. Since the demon cats are invisible, Jozan splashes ink on one to help see it. Fenric Summons five Volts.

Suddenly the robed figure from Flop's story appears and Psionic Blasts the melee. Most of the Volts are killed, the Hellcats are stunned. Cyrus Disintegrates the robed figure, a Mind Flayer. The party finishes off the Hellcats and search the rooms, they recover some treasure and depart.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Niels "He did not appear offensive, unless you include pointing, which is offensive but not usually harmful."
Niels "Whereupon I ran into the arms of your companion Cyrus, then we had a wonderful time at the bath house."
Matt as Antonio, reading his message to Jozan "I find myself in the company of the most interesting man I have met in some time."
Kevin "Besides myself."

Matt "I got you three bottles of wine."
Konrad "How much do I owe you?"
Matt "Nothing, it's on the ranger."

Niels "I passed the fuck out of that check." (Natural 20 on a saving throw)
Niels "Oh my God, my cap has a feather in it." as the Hellcat plays with Flop like a kitty toy.

Mike (incredulously) "I killed a Beholder AND a Mind Flayer in one session!!!"