Cash on Delivery

A delve in the "Deadliest Cargo" theme. The characters are the crew of the Fei Long class transport, the Kalidasa Passage.

Captain Arthur Saxon (Raleigh) A former Alliance naval officer now running a freighter on the Rim.
Pilot Dexter Black (Kevin) A pilot with amnesia about his past.
Purser Richard Fieldings (Konrad) A retired Companion, hiding from his past.
Doctor Charles Bao (John) A doctor suspended on false charges.
Mechanic Al Bester (NPC) A slacker mechanic who loves the ladies.
Mechanic Nick Whedon (Emily) A drug addict, short tempered mechanic.
Deckhand Zeke Tomlinson (NPC) A simple farmer who lost his land, working as cheap labor.

The Kalidasa Passage is on Beaumonde after the events of Reaver Detour, getting repairs and taking on cargo and passengers. Fieldings gets a wave from a contact on Persephone who contracts him to carry a pallet of "medicinal alcohol" for him. Cargo is loaded and passengers checked in, Whedon hangs around passenger country giving the passengers dirty looks, but is intimidated by one of the passengers who turns out to be a professional Fish player travelling with his team. Whedon decides he just has to steal some of the doctor's drugs and eventually manages to hotwire the door to his cabin and grab some drugs from his bag. He gets doped up and is late for his shift the next day. Otherwise its a quiet trip through the black, but several days out, Captain Saxon spots a smaller vessel apparently creeping up on them, not a reaver, but regular pirates. The captain orders Dexter to hard burn and evade, but the drive fails. Whedon and Bester work to repair the drive while the ship dodges a missile on her thrusters. The drive comes back online (barely) and the ship makes several hard burns to escape.

Eventually they arrive at Persephone. Fieldings calls his contact and lets him know what time they will land. The ship lands and unloads her passengers and cargo, but no sign of Chow. Chow doesn't answer when called and Fieldings checks with some local associates who don't know anything either, but give Fieldings Chow's address. The next morning, Fieldings and Whedon go to Chow's office. The door is unlocked and Chow is dead at his desk. It looks like he may have had a heart attack while being beaten or interrogated. While Fieldings examines the body, Whedon snags some trinkets. They return to the ship and inform the captain and decide to investigate the cargo. It turns out to actually be a cargo of very expensive bourbon, 100 bottles worth 20 credits a bottle. They decide to sell it themselves and debate where to sell it, maybe on Bellerophon. Before they can leave, they are visited by a local gang boss, Badger, and some of his thugs. He offers to buy their bourbon and they negotiate for 15 credits a bottle. They say yes, but only agree to sell half the cargo to him and keep the rest. As Badger's men unload their share and depart, Fieldings notices one of the thugs wearing a ring he swears he saw on Chow's hand…

Here is Emily's plot synopsis from her notes.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
John "In space, no one can hear you scream…unless your comlink is open"

John has some jumbo sized dice
Emily "It's like Fisher Price: My First Dice"
Konrad "Big dice for big rolls"

After a night of trying stolen drugs, Emily's character oversleeps for his shift and is rousted out by Konrad's character
Emily "I have bed head and vomit down my shirt"
Konrad "So nothing unusual then"

The ship is being pursued by another vessel on an intercept course, possibly a pirate
Raleigh "It doesn't give off reavery signs"
Emily "So the eye patches gave them away"
Raleigh's captain orders passengers to return to their quarters for possible turbulence
Kevin "I don't know if turbulence is believable"
Raleigh "Spurbulence?"
The pirates fire a missile which is dodged
Raleigh "Can we catch up to the missile?"
Jim "Why?"
Raleigh <shrugs> "Free missile"

Raleigh asking the mechanics to do some ship repairs
Raleigh "Can you change these yellow lights to green? Without changing the bulb to green…"

Raleigh "That's the name of my pistol, 'Reputation'" He mimes holding a gun out. "My 'Reputation' precedes me."

Emily's character is looking for something to steal in their dead contact's office
Konrad "His Sprolex?"