Cargo Recovery

The crew of the Jo Lynn class transport "Better Days" lands on Ezra with a cargo of farm machinery. The captain is approached by a group of obvious thugs who want him to come meet their boss about a job. It turns out to be Adelai Niska. Niska explains that he was expecting a special cargo, but the ship had a drive and life support malfunction and the crew all died. The ship was examined by an Alliance patrol who recovered the bodies, but since it was way outside the trade lanes, that's all they did. Niska gives them a hologram of the crate and coordinates, they must return in less than 12 days, he will pay extra if they are back sooner. The crew departs under hard burn, but the pilot makes a navigation error that costs them a day. They arrive at the coordinates and find the ship, the engineering section is marked by craters from explosions inside the ship. They dock cargo bay to cargo bay and go inside in suits; the air is stale and cold. They recover the crate and loot the other ship's mule and some cargo and easily grabbed equipment. They download the ship's logs, but don't review them. Searching the galley and crew quarters, they find all drawers have been dumped out, empty food containers are everywhere, mattresses and pillows slashed. Inspecting the engine room, the damage looks like sabotage, the engine explosions occurred on section that usually doesn't explode. Since they are on a time limit, they decide to go back to their ship and leave. They strip their suits and prepare to get underway while the captain examines the cargo crate. Unfortunately, no one realized the derelict had been boarded by reavers and a booby trap left on the door. The explosion rips off the cargo bay door and damages the pulse drive. The captain is left hanging onto the cargo straps as the wind tries to blow him out the door. The sniper runs down and throws a rope to the captain and pulls him out of the cargo bay. They repair the pulse drive and get under way. Coming back into the Georgia system, they are hailed by an Alliance patrol claiming to the the IAV Raptor, a Frigate class patrol ship. However, when it comes alongside, they see it is an old, prewar patrol boat, probably a pirate. They flee and are pursued by the pirate who fires missiles at them. The pilot dodges the first three, then takes a missile in the port thruster pod. The sniper sets up in the cargo bay and as the pirate comes into dock, he shoots out a pane of their cockpit canopy, then nails the pilot. While the pirate drifts out of control, they flee. Landing on Ezra is hard, but they make it down. They take the cargo to Niska and try to bargain for extra money. He insists on inspecting the cargo before paying extra. The cargo is several hand made antique doll houses, he explains that tomorrow is his wife's birthday, she collects dollhouses and that she has a room full of them in his home. He pays them 900 credits instead of 600. Unfortunately, that leaves them with just over 1,400 credits, repairing the ship will cost at least 1,800. They send the gambler to a casino and he eventually wins big and they make enough money to repair the ship and make a profit. On the way home, he is jumped by two muggers who followed him from the casino, he shoots them then cuts them down with his sword.

Captain Hua Li, ex-Browncoat Spy: Konrad
"Colt", Ex-Blackjack Pilot: Adam
"Crank" Ship's Mechanic: Duncan
Gambler/Duellist: Christopher
Mordicai Jones, Ex-Alliance Sniper: Matt
Ringo, Ex- Browncoat Medic: NPC