Cargo Of Misery

In a twist, the player characters are crew of an Alliance patrol ship, chasing a freighter believed to be carrying slaves.

NPC- Captain Murray Matheson
Matt- XO Lt. Cmdr. Calvin Parker
Konrad- Helmsman Warrant Officer Henry Mcpherson
Jerry- Engineer Chief Petty Officer Java Clinton
Leora- Marine Sergeant Go Jenkins
Michael- Medtech Petty Officer Xander Colton
Chmiel- Marine Corporal Gary Green
John- Engineer Able Spacehand Pei Mi-Tu
NPC- Marine Private Eli Chua

The Bu Shao class patrol boat, the IAV Heimdall, has been sent to Blue Sun to attempt to apprehend a possible slave transport, a Durance class freighter. Captain Murray Matheson has the ship lurking near the target's expected point of emergence from pulse drive for their approach to one of the moons of Fury. They detect a ship of the right type with no transponder and hail it, it turns to run. The Heimdall goes in pursuit and when they close in, the freighter launches a spread of six missiles. The marines manning the guns shoot down three, but the others detonate as EMP warheads and the ship shuts down. The engineers work to get the drives on line while the XO works to reboot the sensors and the helmsman tries to get controls back. Once they do, they see the freighter has fled in pulse drive, they go after it again.
The patrol boat catches up and matches courses, no reaction from the freighter or answers to their hails. Corporal Green tries to hit the missile launcher, but ends up hitting the freighter's port engine twice. Still no reaction. Captain Matheson sends the player characters over as a boarding party to search and take control of the ship. They find one of the freighter's shuttles is gone. WO Mcpherson brings their shuttle alongside and Cpl. Green goes across to check the airlock for boobytraps before the shuttle docks and the rest of the team comes across in suits. The air is very thick and smelly and the ship seems abandoned. Searching further they find the passenger staterooms have been converted into cells; there are a total of 57 people aboard in quarters meant for 18. The medtech begins working through the people checking them for injuries, most are simply dirty and malnourished.
The captain decides to take the Heimdall back and search for the slaver's shuttle, it must have fled while their sensors were blinded. He orders Commander Parker to get the ship to Meridian. They set course and head back, the engineers are busy keeping the ship running and repairing the damage to the port thruster. PO Colton finds one of the prisoners is suspiciously healthy and might be a crew member trying to hide amongst the prisoners. Sgt. Jenkins and Cmdr. Parker question him and decide he is lying and have him sedated.
At this point, it all goes south. The slavers are still aboard, pretending to be prisoners but the ship is totally rigged. The shuttle was released on automatic as a decoy. They have guns and gas masks concealed in their room and an override on ship controls. They lock out the helm controls and release knockout gas into the atmosphere. Some of the crew feel it coming on and get their helmets on in time, the engineers do not and pass out. WO Mcpherson sends Private Chua to help the engineers while he tries to route controls around the lockout. Parker, Jenkins and Colton are attacked by the slavers, but Sergeant Jenkins grenades them and they mop up. Two more try to take the bridge, but Mcpherson guns them down at the hatch and returns to work. Two more surprise and kill Private Chua, but Corporal Green takes them out. The engineers revive after the corporal gets their helmets on, they go to the bridge to help Mcpherson get control of the ship.
Arriving at Meridian, the port thruster repairs give out and the engine blows, Mcpherson manages to make an emergency landing with the lightly loaded freighter.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Konrad is telling everyone how someone stole his backpack full of D&D books out of his car:
Leora "That is the dorkiest thief ever."

We had an extra character for a Marine Private left over, so we made him an NPC. The group started making suggestions for his name to be Private Parts, then Private Harold (Harry) Parts. Then that he was Dishonorably Discharged…That set the theme for the evening and we had a run of penis jokes all night long…

There was a discussion about Reavers vs Zombies, who would win? Then there were other suggestions which came down to Reavers vs Tribbles…
Jim "Would reavers even bother tribbles? Well, they can feel pain and react, so I guess they would. I think reavers would just see tribbles as hors d'oeuvres."
John laughed so hard he couldn't talk for at least 15 seconds.

Michael "I partially went to medical school, so I know things."

Konrad's helmsman is having a terrible time with bad dice rolls while matching courses with the freighter. But when it comes time to dock, he does it perfectly:
Jerry "It's kind of like his sex life; 3 or 4 attempts to line things up, people yelling 'no, no, no', then it goes in smooth."
Konrad "Does anyone have any aloe for my burn?"

Matt "Make sure no one can use our ship while we're away"
Konrad "I put The Club on the controls."

Jim describes the wounds of the prisoners that the players suspect are bad guys
Leora "They came that way"

Chmiel's corporal picks up the wounded marine to take to sickbay
Konrad "Grab your private and run"