Captain Edmund Harper

Captain Edmund Harper (played by Konrad)

Adventure isn't a hobby, it's a way of life. At least that's what Edmund Harper would have to say. A scant 27 years of age and he's been doing it since he could crawl. Growing up in London Edmund went to school, but not often. Left to his own devices by a family who focused on their own business than their child. An imagination the size of all England led him on frequent adventures all over London. Early on he became a frequent delinquent. Though he could have lived a decent, quiet life that wasn't satisfying enough. The thrill of risk and reward in a fast life was all that he could focus on. Harper's charismatic demeanor won him many friends on the fringe of society helping those he could. As time went by Ed found himself

Lucky to not get into any real trouble over the years Ed hid his wild secret life from his parents successfully. All good things come to an end though. Getting lazy young Harper left a Upon being questioned even his charming eyes and quick wit couldn't explain away all the things his mother found after further searching. Coming clean with his secret life on the back streets living a lifestyle unflattering to a family such as his a bigger eruption had never come from his father before. Wanting to set his child straight he used his contacts on the navy to send Edmund away and straighten him out.

Regardless of his father's actions Edmund thrived in his new environment. Not only did he work well, he won the crew over as a whole. Over the course of his years at sea Edmund became a bit of a hero, having saved crew members and taking great risk to turn the tide of battle on a couple occasions earning himself rank and even notoriety on Mars. Seeing his potential for leadership the captain slowly molded Edmund into a fearless leader. By the time he was of age to choose this life for himself he gladly obliged, eager to serve his country and see even more new lands. The great adventure had just begun.

Harper's Contacts

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