Captain Sata

(Played by Raleigh)
Urho Luotsata was born on a skyplex over Beaumonde that acted as a refit station and distribution center for the factories on the surface. The workers aboard the Kaleva station were almost entirely from Scandinavian cultures from Earth-that-Was and transferred cargo to and from the surface using smaller transports. The shipments from individual factories would be sorted on the station and distributed to bulk transports bound for specific systems.

Urho grew up learning to fly the station's small transports to and from the various factories. This involved learning to carefully maneuver through the labyrinthine industrial complexes to make various stops at specific factories and dock on a stable enough platform to safely transfer cargo.

When the war started, Urho wasn't the first to sign up, or even the second. At first he didn't really care one way or the other; the Beaumonde factories kept producing and he kept moving goods from the surface to the station as he'd done since he first sat in a pilot seat. But then the shipments began to change.

The shipments gradually began to change from ship engines and machine parts to things like artillery batteries and tank armor. When one sheet metal fabrication plant began mass producing coffins for export to the front, the effect the war was having on people became too much to ignore. Urho decided to get involved. He bid his friends and family aboard the skyplex goodbye and hopped a transport for the nearest Independents friendly world.

He was pressed into the officers’ corp. for his piloting abilities and received small arms and basic hand to hand combat in basic training. His talents displayed with slipping supply runs past Alliance patrols and through blockades got him promoted to captain, and he was assigned as the pilot of the lead fast burn rocket shuttle to the 42nd Overlanders.

That career lasted until the Battle of Serenity Valley. The drop ships of the 42nd came under heavy anti-aircraft fire as they carried reinforcements to the front. Several ships were destroyed on approach, and Urho’s ship was shot down, but he managed to land the ship without casualties. Once a perimeter was established, Urho abandoned the disabled transport and hopped a ride on the only rocket shuttle that avoided damage on the approach. The shuttle took damage on the dust off from additional anti-air fire, but managed to break atmo.

Urho was stuck on the command carrier listening wave by wave to the events unfold below on the surface. When the Alliance reinforcements arrived in orbit around Hera, he volunteered to do a sweep of the valley. Permission was granted, but with the standard drop ship rocket shuttles all deployed or damaged, the only ship available to use was an old Osprey class used for cargo transport to and from the surface.

Once again in his home element, Captain Sata made seven stops ahead of the advancing Alliance fighter bombers and drop ships, picking up a total of 30 soldiers from several different brigades. Upon final dust off, Urho broke atmo to find Alliance ships forming a blockade. Separated from the rest of the fleet by Alliance gunships, Urho set a course and fled to the outer rim.

When Captain Sata and his refugees finally found a safe port, some returned to the front to keep fighting, some saw the war as being over and went their own ways, and two, from his original 42nd Overlanders, stayed on. From its use in the war, the ship was in need of serious refurbishing, and a share of ownership was given to a local mechanic in exchange for parts and repairs. Additional crew were hired on and something resembling a viable business venture was formed in the newly rechristened Yellow Submarine.

The Yellow Submarine
The Corsair and "Sata's 9"
The "Last Flight"
Captain Sata's Contacts
Captain Sata's Questionaire

Captain Urho "Sata" Luotsata

Age:40 Description: Blackjack Pilot
Homeworld: Kalevala Skyplex, Beaumonde

Agility d12+d2
Strength d8
Vitality d6
Alertness d8
Intelligence d10
Willpower d8

Athletics d6
-Dodge d8
Covert d6
Discipline d2
Guns d6
-SMG d12
-Energy Weapons d8
Influence d6
-Leadership d8
Mechanical Engineering d6
Medical Expertise d4
Perception d6
-Sight d8
Pilot d6
-Transports d10
-Astrogation d8
-Shuttles d8
Planetary Vehicles d6
Scientific Expertise d2
Technical Engineering d6
-Sensors d8
Unarmed Combat d6
Vacuum Suit d6

Born in the Black (m)
Military Rank (m) Officer
Leadership (m)
Born behind the Wheel (m) Space transports
Talented (m) Energy Weapons

Deadly Enemy (m) Blue Sun
Memorable (m)
Loyal (m) Independents
Credo (m) Take care of crew
Comfort Object (m) Laser Pistol