The Capriccio Vivace

The Capriccio Vivace is a modified Thorez class courier/freighter (The Thorez is from the Traveller: 2300/2300AD RPG by GDW. Here's a nice piece of artwork by John Stead).

Modified Thorez class
800 ton cargo/courier
SC: 3 HB: 5
Cargo: 339
Fuel: 800 hours at SC3
6 double staterooms
4 single staterooms
Agi d6 Str d4 Vit d4 Int d4 Ale d4 Wil d6
Pilot d4 Perception d4
Complexity: 30 Low
Cost: 3,600,000 W (used price 900,000 W)
Seen Better Days (m)
Maintenance: 30,000 W/month
Gear: d8 (vehicle scale) autocannon, 150 rounds
5 d4 Countermeasure launchers, 10 rounds
6 person brig (3 2 person cells)
20 ton Short Range Shuttle

The Thorez class is intended as a short range cargo carrier or slow courier. It has a large central cargo bay with full length and width overhead bay doors. It does not have a spin habitat to provide gravity and is therefore uncomfortable on long journeys. But it has superior rough field landing and vertical take off capabilities. It is not designed to land on water.

Notes: Ryan named Dirty Dan's ship, capriccio is a piece played very quickly and spirited, often improvised. Vivace means lively.