Campaign Timeline

This is a listing of dates in the Yellow Submarine Serenity Campaign.

March 3rd, 2505 Lennon joins Independents on Shadow
June 12th, 2505 War begins- Alliance invades Persephone
June 26th, 2505 Lennon assigned to the 42nd Overlanders on Shadow
Sata joins Independents' Space Navy
Wilks transfers to 42nd Overlanders
The defeat of the Corsair by Sata's 9
January 3rd, 2510 Alliance 1188th Support group destroyed by Browncoats on Aphrodite (Aces & Eights)
May 11th, 2511 Beginning of the Battle of Serenity Valley
June 17th, 2511 Battle of Sturges
June 18th, 2511 Alliance High Command issues order to surrender Serenity Valley
June 27th, 2511 Sata's Last Flight
July 1st, 2511 End of the Battle of Serenity Valley (2 weeks AFTER official surrender)
September, 2511 Armistice and Amnesty Hearings
October 16th, 2511 Unification Day, official end of the war
January, 2512 Sata and Wilks register the Yellow Submarine and begin hauling cargo on the Rim
July 17th, 2517 Jackson joins the crew

7/2517 Trip to Blue Sun to look for lost Alliance convoy. Motherlode (Delve 1)
8/2517 Carry cargo of Zilan eiswine to Persephone for auction. Zilan Wine (Delve 2)

September 21st, 2517 Archibald buys a stake in the ship
October 1st, 2517 Campaign begins

This is a listing of dates in game time for the Yellow Submarine Serenity Campaign.
10/2517 Shipment of political refugees in cryo to Constance. Refrigerated Refugees
10/2517 Encounter with pirates on Regina. The Warehouse
11/2517 Undercover security on the Golden Voyage. Aces & Eights
11/2517 Encounter and stop Bloodcoat plot on Gonghe. Bloodcoats
12/2517 Rescue Magistrate Hofmeyer's daughter on Zephyr. Damsel
12/2517 Carry Blackjack crew to rescue the Glory. Glory's Flight
1/2518 Carry settler's supplies to Deadwood and fight Reavers. The Reverend Black and Reavers
2/2518 Pick up race team and carry them on tour. Circuit Racers
3/2518 Interview with journalist Margaret Doubet. Captain Sata is shot by a sniper on Silverhold. Reporter and Rifle Interlude
4/2518 Rescue Senator Baron von Alksburg from kidnappers. No Time to Rest
5/2518 Crew Oberlindes ship and stop hijacking. Relief Team
6/2518 Wilks competes in Fish tournament. Other Fish in the Sea
6/2518 Crew discovers derelict smuggler ship. South Star
6/2518 Some of crew go on mission to Aberdeen. Lennon and Liz Hammerstein become lovers. Across the Bright Face
6/2518 Saxon Molyneux is attacked on Gonghe and rejoins the crew at Beaumonde.
7/2518 The crew explores the mystery of Preston's cards on Aphrodite. Second Deal
8/2518 Admiral Sharpe meets with Captain Sata and Lennon and hires the crew to salvage the Victory. Jackson and Lt. Qin have an affair. Parts is Parts
8/2518 While the Yellow Submarine is on Admiral Sharpe's mission (Parts is Parts), Saxon and Wilks hunt down the Butcher on Boros. Hunting Trip
9/2518 The crew is sent on a rescue mission to an orbital mining station. Rescue Mission
9/29/2518 The Miranda Broadwave
10/2518 Attempted hijacking of the Yellow Submarine. Revenge
10/2518 Crew goes to Sihnon to follow up on leads from hijackers. Revenge
10/2518 Crew takes the Yellow Submarine to Liann Jiun while Lennon and Fiolla Hart take a liner. Pirates attack the liner, Fiolla and Lennon escape in lifeboat to be picked up on Santo. Lennon's Side trip
10/2518 Crew goes to Higgins' Moon, gets information from Magistrate Fess Higgins and are attacked again by pirates. The ship is saved by an Alliance Orca class corvette commanded by a mysterious woman. Revenge
11/2518 The Yellow Submarine goes to New Melbourne for repairs. Then head to White Sun to meet with Senator Von Alksburg about a job investigating recent events in Blue Sun. Sata stops at Long Night Skyplex to talk with Commander Hwan Fei. Dante Reconnaisance
12/2519 Crew visits Deadwood and Meridian to get information before proceeding to penetrate blockade and land on Dante. Crew recovers data pack with Miranda Broadwave. Return to Meridian. Lennon's drunken escapade on New Canaan. Dante Reconnaisance
12/2519 Crew returns to White Sun, meets with Baron Von Alksburg to turn over Miranda Data pack. Crew decides to split up for holidays. Jackson stays with shuttle on Londinium. Howard and Saxon fly commercial to Ariel. Ship drops Lennon off on Zephyr,Captain Sata, Wilks and Lang Ye fly to Beaumonde. Wilks flies to Hera to visit family. Rescue on Ita
1/2519 Captain Sata and Lang Ye take the ship to Red Sun for prolonged stress testing, Jackson is left behind. Wilks and Howard return to Beaumonde, the Yellow Submarine returns after maintenance on New Melbourne and Sata's date with Becky Barnes. Lennon is picked up and the ship flies to Angel to look for parts.
2/2519 Saul Potter contacts the crew about a mission and they rendezvous with the Glory and Admiral Sharpe's fleet. Meeting with Sharpe and his captains on the Glory, Sata and Lennon confront the Nightstalkers (Bloodcoats) in conference, Sharpe has the terrorists arrested and taken away. Sharpe is planning a slave rescue on Ita, The Yellow Submarine and a commando team headed by Wilks will lead the attack. Rescue on Ita
2/2519 Attack on Ita slave camp is successful. Wilks, Lang and Captain Sata are injured, Lennon is in command. Lt. Qin and Jackson have some time together and she pushes Jackson about Sata's mug from the HMS Seeker. Rescue on Ita
2/2519 The crew takes a short holiday on Zephyr. They decide to investigate the mug and get a cargo through Finx going to Gonghe Agent Fiolla Hart contacts them on the way, she wants to question them about the slave rescue (Rescue on Ita) and will meet them on Gonghe. Seek the Seeker
3/2519 Captain Sata speaks to pawn shop owner and estate lawyer about origin of the mug, it was in the estate of two dead space survey scouts. A tong enforcer follows Lang Ye and he captures the tong and they bring the thug to the ship. Sata tries to interrogate the tong and ends up needing a medical intervention from Lennon. Fiolla arrives and questions the crew about their involvement with the slave rescue and bargains with them for information. They turn over a computer from the slave camp, she pays them and gives them the name of the Senator she is investigating. Seek the Seeker
3/2519 The crew fly to Bernadette to search the archives of the Terraforming Commission Deep Space Survey. Lennon's government bureacrat sister gets them access to the old archives and they retrieve the flight logs from the dead scouts. Howard is able to replot their courses so the Yellow Submarine can repeat them. Seek the Seeker
3/2519 Meet with Senator von Alksburg on Londinium about Fiolla Hart's revelations and boss. Hired to investigate Miranda for more evidence. Go to Persephone to pick up passengers and finish defensive upgrades. Crew is attacked by Hands of Blue agents. Secrets of Miranda
3/2519 Leave Persephone early, pick up passengers from Oberlindes transport near Long Night Skyplex. Penetrate reaver space and land on Miranda. Secrets of Miranda
4/2519 Return to Miranda in the shuttle to finish investigation. Lovely Rita is shot down by reavers, but recovered, the Yellow Submarine's computer is destroyed by a hacking attack and the crew limps to Meridian for repairs. They return to Persephone and meet with Senator von Alksburg, Fiolla Hart and her superior, who reveals her identity. The crew decides on a period of downtime and repairs on Persephone. Lennon visits Londinium for the first time since he left for the war. Secrets of Miranda
5/2519 The crew departs Persephone for New Melbourne and Lennon contacts Admiral Sharpe about clinic visits. They take Dear Prudence to Jiangyin. On their tour, they find a deserted village, apparently struck by the Reavers, but the townspeople have been kidnapped. The crew rescues them. The Lost Village.
5/2519 The crew begins their search for the HMS Seeker. Senator von Alksburg has a live press conference and releases the truth about the Miranda Conspiracy and the Reavers over the cortex. Finders' Keepers
6/2519 The search for the missing ark continues. Lennon announces he will be leaving the ship soon to go work for Admiral Sharpe and continue his free medical clinics full time. Finders' Keepers
7/2519 The crew finally finds the HMS Seeker. On their way home, they go to the aid of a stricken colony transport. While evacuating crew, the ship explodes and Captain Sata is killed, lost with the Dear Prudence. Finders' Keepers
8/2519 The crew decides to spend some of their new wealth making a war monument out of the Yellow Submarine. Most of the crew go their separate ways, but some will continue working together. Epilogue