Serenity Background

This section is dedicated to information about the "modern day" setting of the 'Verse (during the Firefly TV show and the Serenity movie). Since there is a lot of unofficial and sometimes contradicting material on the internet about the background and layout of the 'Verse, I am trying to stay as true as I can to the actual material presented in the TV show and movie. The roleplaying game is my next source of information, then fan material.

I have run many one shot or linked adventures we call delves in the same setting and we had a short lived campaign, "Big Damn Medics" that followed the events of the "Yellow Submarine" campaign. We also did a campaign, "Lost Sheep", that overlapped the events in the previous campaign.

Jim's note- A lot, maybe most of this material is unofficial, it is us taking bits of the official material and trying to connect them and extrapolate what might have happened. A lot of my material in the War is an effort to provide a fuller time line and most of Emily's material about the Academy is more of the same.

Rules Introduction

The 'Verse

Time & Calendars
Important Dates
Pre-War Period

Setting Notes

The Academy
The Alliance Military
The Cortex
Criminal Organizations in the 'Verse
Duelling and the Law
"Londy" Patriots
The Miranda Conspiracy
New Ships and Vehicles
New Weapons and Equipment
The Organ Trade
Parliament and the Alliance government
People of the 'Verse
Prewar Fleets
The Reavers
Ship speeds and travel times
The Terraforming Commission
The War
Warship Nomenclature and Evolution
Weapon Technology

House Rules

Assets & Complications Updates
Ship Design Rules
Ship Modification
Fuel Use
Shotgun Damage in Serenity
New success levels
Vehicle Design
Inside Jokes
Simple Trade Rules
Automatic Fire


"The Yellow Submarine"
"Deadliest Cargo"
"Big Damn Medics"
"Lost Sheep"
Future Serenity


Without a Trace
Running out of Patience
The Last Flight of the Themis
In the Money
Earning Xian Jin the Hard Way
Stories from Serenity Valley
Cargo of Misery
Running out of Patience, redo
Fox the Badger
No Time to Rest, redo

Better Days A group of delves using same ship and captain and mostly the same crew
Cargo Recovery
Crystals from Aberdeen

Deadliest Cargo
Boon Companions
Reaver Detour
Cash on Delivery

Into the 'Verse
Running out of Patience, v3.0
Breakdown on Regina