Campaign 4

As we come down to the last six months or so of "Depths of Evil", I am thinking about the next campaign. I have some unused plots to consider, but the big question is: What setting? I used my 1st edition home-brewed/plagiarized/mash-up setting of Aarenis for our first 5E campaign, "Cult of Madness". Our second campaign, "Kanmorhan Vane", was set in my adaptation of Ray Feist's Midkemia, with a plot stolen from Kristen Britain's Green Rider Series.
Brittany would like to reuse her sorcerer, Caeli, who has a great backstory set in Forgotten Realms. So that's a point in FRs' favor.
But if I'm playing in the FRs again, I need to do more editing. TOO MANY GODS. Still. I might be able to adapt her story to one of the other settings, we'll see.

Possible Players and Characters
Brittany- Caeli Vulpus Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer?
Jack- Barbarian? He was also talking about a warforged sorcerer, but we'll see what he can come up with for a backstory.
Nick- Maybe a fighter?
Sam- Maybe a sorcerer also?