Caeli Vulpus

Played by Brittany.

Caeli Vulpus, a half-elf sorcerer with a silver draconic bloodline, had been born and raised in Rashemen.

Daughter of Cedric (human) and Maura (elf with draconic bloodline) Vulpus, sister of Mephitus (half-elf) the Berserker. Originally traveling traders, Caeli’s parents decided to make home in the mountains as when Maura went into labor, they were in the town and a snowstorm had hit.While her older brother was not happy about the decision, he decided to make the most of it by throwing his goals into being the strongest he could be. This became an anger problem, especially when his parents attention was focused on Caeli. While their parents did not support her brother’s outbursts there was nothing much they could do to stop them and led him to go down his own individual path.

Caeli had joined the Witches of Rashemen or “Wychlaran” with the hopes of learning to control her powers and preserve the lore and magic of Raumathar. However, realizing they could not help her with her magic control she made the choice to leave Rashemen and go somewhere to learn about the powers she had been granted by her draconic ancestors.

("The formal term for a member of this group was "hathran" ("learned sister"), while the most powerful and respected were called "othlor" ("true one"). In Rashemen, a member of the Wychlaran could do no wrong. Her word was law and to disobey it was punishable by death.”)

One of the hethran, Sybil, was not a fan of Caeli and tried to convince the othlor to punish her for leaving the Wychlaran, however they were wise to know the kind of magic Caeli possessed was not the same as theirs. The othlor wished her well on her journey but Sybil did not forget.

Meanwhile Mephitus as well was angered by her sister that she had inherited their magic bloodline and joined the Silver Dragon Lodge- a group of berserkers who dedicated their time to hunting silver dragons- his anger stemmed from the hatred that he felt his own lineage betrayed him.

(“Rashemen had a strong tradition of berserker warriors, which were organized into lodges or fangs, such as the Black Bear Lodge Warriors who were unable to control their berserker rages — and were thus dangerous to others — were deemed nydeshka ("blunt sword"), given a blunt sword, and told to lead the next battle, a certain death sentence. Traditionally, warriors had a second set of lacings on their clothes in honor of the old shapeshifters, who would break the first pair when they changed form. A story of the Rashemi told of Yvengi (whose father was a berserker) who fought against the demon Eltab. Yvengi prayed to the spirits and was granted a magical sword called Hadryllis.)

So Caeli left Rashemen, travelling through the Bloodstone Pass and entered the Galena Mountains which were just northwest of her homeland. Though she couldn’t specify what she was looking for, something had been calling her to that location. As she lived there she learned that “people came to the mountains in the hope of mining their way to riches, especially the dwarves, who had set up the Bloodstone Mines, Hillsfar Hall and Ironspur in the area in order to cultivate the ores.”

She had found herself interested in the gemstones which she thought funny but nevertheless began to study the treasures and also some personal inquiries about her family’s history.

Something had called her to the mountains where a large snowstorm hit, meanwhile Mephitus had tracked her to the snowy peaks and was planning to finally get his revenge. There, she faced her brother but could not beat him as she could not match his Berserker strength, when suddenly a Silver Dragon appeared and defended her by fighting and throwing Mephitus the Berserker off the mountain. Shocked from exhaustion and her brother’s downfall, Caeli collapsed and lost consciousness.

Upon awakening, she found herself in a lavish cave. A man with silver hair came to her and shared that he sensed a familiarity with her, stating his name to be Jaerlethket. She explained how she struggled to control her magic and he explained to her the history of her draconic bloodline. He claimed he may be related to Caeli’s and showed her how to handle her magic to defend herself and help others. She had no idea whether her brother was still alive, searching for her, but she knew he was very strong and if he was alive, he would still seek his vengeance.

She travelled to Vaasa where she became a gemstone merchant and from there studied history and culture. As some secret agents found her passion for knowledge useful to them, including her unique background, they invited her to join the Harper Agents. After some convincing, she eventually became a Harper agent and was sent out on missions throughout Faerun.

(The semisecret organization known as the Harpers has members scattered all across Faerûn. These individuals are dedicated to battling evil, discovering and preserving forgotten lore, and maintaining the balance between nature and civilization. Harper agents are the 'field agents' of the Harper organization, acting directly to gather intelligence and eliminate threats to the greater good. Equally adept at operating alone or in small groups, Harper agents display a versatility that few others can match.
Because they spent most of their time out on missions, agents had a knack for making enemies among those organizations that regularly clashed with the Harpers. Individual members often became quite skilled at specifically working against one or two of these groups over time.
Among these favored enemies of the Harpers in the 14th century were the Cult of the Dragon, the often-similarly-aligned church of Bane and the Zhentarim, and even the Red Wizards from the eastern nation of Thay.)

At one point she is asked to join the cult of the Dragon which she turns down as “their main activities were to gather intelligence for the evil dragons of Faerûn, contribute treasure for their hoards, and aid them in any way possible, in an attempt to gain the cooperation of these dragons. They were also able to make preparations for these evil dragons to transform into dracoliches, and guard dragon lairs, sometimes containing dragon eggs or hatchlings, while these dragons went to hunt or raid.”) They did not forget this injustice and still seek to bring her on as a Wearer of Purple.

She had gone on several missions before being sent on her most interesting one, being sent to the Underdark where she meets a crew of adventurers.

Potential Antagonists:

  • Mephitus the Berserker of the Silver Dragon Lodge
  • Sybil, a hathran of the Witches of Rashemen (Wychlaran)
  • Cult of the Dragon