C'athall Ardan

Played by Mike

Physical Description
Chris Pratt, especially as Star Lord




A Quote



Planetary Government Official- Human Female Sela Laga- Sela is a member of the Trade Department on Asran and can help get travel passes and landing permits for ships headed to systems with travel restrictions.

Army Quartermaster- Human Male Luca Walden- Luca is still a member of the local defense forces on Mangez, even though all those are officially subordinate to Imperial control. He has access to some supply route information and the occasional piece of equipment that falls off a truck.

Startown Madame- Twi'lek Female Na'vida. A middle aged blue female Twi'lek, she was sold as a sex slave and dancer. She was fortunate to end up working for a master who appreciated her grace and cleverness as she aged and gave her a position as a greeter. Her wit let her climb the ranks of the criminal organization and now she manages a successful spaceport bar and whorehouse on Genesia. She is a great source of gossip and news from the underworld.