The Utility Vehicle-11 Bulldog M.U.L.E. (Multi-Use Land Equipment) is a medium sized six-wheeled flatbed truck with seats for two. It is very simple and rugged, designed for low maintenance. The simple systems are easy to repair (+2 step bonus). Inspired by this artwork.

2 tons
Speed Class 4
Agi d6 Str d6 Vit d8 Int d0 Ale d0 Wil d2 Life: 8
Assets- Healthy as a Horse (M), Go anywhere (m)
Complications- Airbreather (M), Nuthin' Fancy (m)
Complexity Very low (22)
Driver and 1 passenger
Fuel- 20 pounds, 30 hours
Cargo- 1.5 tons carried
Cost- 80cr
Maintenance- 1.6cr/year