Bug Out

Unwanted Guests
The team is on downtime at Oracle Base. After the exogarth fight, Varek spent a couple days in a bacta tank to recover. Leelan has been busy working on the Shriek-Hawk, installing the new proton torpedo launcher and the new maneuvering thrusters. He calls in Lt. Aurin Nalle to help with the torpedo work. Hack has been hassling Varek while he is stuck in the tank, but he also makes sure Varek's armor is repaired. Zaonderh bribes an armory tech a build a stun grenade into his cyber foot and also takes a trip to sell the loot from the asteroid base.
A few days after Varek is released, all the base alarms go off. Commanding officers are called to the main briefing, flight crews to their ships. C'athall heads to the briefing, all the officers are given new datapads. General Reskan addresses them and tells them they have been found by the Empire, a star destroyer and Strike class cruiser have just come out of hyperspace. Base crews will be loading critical supplies onto the transports that are here, one of the corvettes is on station, they are landing to take personnel. When the ships are loaded, the transports will leave together, the Black Knives squadron will attack enemy TIE fighters. There is one additional item, they received a new Y-wing for one of the dispersed squadrons and need a ferry pilot and gunner, the officers are asked to check with their crews for a volunteer and are dismissed. C'athall returns to the Shriek Hawk and explains to the crew. Leelan volunteers to fly the Y-wing, Aurin will go along as his gunner and Redo will be their astromech. Varek will fly the Shriek-Hawk of course with C'athall, Zaonderh and Hack as gunners.

Fly the Unfriendly Skies
Once all the ships are loaded, they take off. The Shriek-Hawk's orders are to protect the other two transports and Leelan will escort them since he is not considered ready for a full up fight. The transports are sluggish with full cargoes and they head away from the planet. The Imperials have a screen of recon fighters out, once the evacuation starts, they fall back. A squadron of TIE fighters heads for the transports, a squadron of bombers and another squadron of fighters head for the corvette. The Black Knives move to intercept the bombers.
The transport group heads for safety at their best speed. The TIEs split into three groups of four and come in at the transports. The team moves to intercept the first flight, Aurin and Zaonderh disable two with ion cannon shots and C'athall destroys one with blaster fire. Hack and Varek miss with three torpedo shots. They notice one of the transports is having trouble and they head over to help. Aurin disables another, Leelan and C'athall destroy two more with their blasters and Hack finally scores a perfect hit with a torpedo, right through the TIE's canopy. The last TIE is gunned down and they reform to head for the hyperspace limit.
But before they can jump, there is a new hyperspace signal. A Carrack class cruiser emerges in front of them and launches four TIE fighters. The team goes head to head with the TIEs, destroying two immediately, then Hack puts a torpedo into the cruiser's bridge. Secondary explosions rack the ship and it begins to come apart. The surviving TIEs break and run and the transports jump out. But Leelan's calculation is short and they come out early and have to rejump. They arrive in deep interstellar space, nothing is around but an automated communications buoy. It broadcasts a request for a code which is in C'athall's evacuation plans. They transmit the codes and the buoy replies with jump coordinates to the planet Maxca 6. They plot a new course and jump again.

Welcome, But First…
The transports come out at Maxca 6 and head in for a landing. The base is in a highland area since the planet is unpleasantly warm and humid for most species. Also, there is a seasonal danger from an airborne fungal spore that leads to lethal lung infections; the base is in a thinly vegetated area to help reduce the risk. When the ships come in to land they see the base is not brand new, it looks like it is a year old at least. Large cleared landing areas are set aside for heavy transports and corvettes, there are smaller pads and hangars for transports and fighters. They land and report to Commander Gion, the general and the rest of the command team have not yet arrived on the corvette.
The commander has a mission for them, strictly volunteer. Some of the base troops stayed behind to man the defenses to draw the Empire's attention during the evacuation. They had camouflaged get away speeders and a concealed survival bunker with a week of supplies. Is the team willing to head back to Tel III and try to rescue them? The crew agrees and the base crews rush to unload, refuel and rearm the Shriek-Hawk, even pulling torpedoes from Leelan's Y-wing to reload their launcher. Bohdan is sent aboard in case of casualties. Varek takes them up and away and Leelan calculates their hyperspace jump. But something goes wrong and they come out of hyper in a debris field at the edge of an intervening system. Varek tries to dodge but an asteroid strikes the ship and damages the primary weapon power conduit, all the ship's guns are offline. Leelan, Aurin and Redo head outside to do temporary repairs. Once the ship is repaired, Varek and Leelan plot a new jump together. They come out safely in the Tel system, the star destroyer is gone, but the Strike cruiser is still in orbit above the base. Turning on their sensor jammer, they approach the planet from the opposite side and fly very low towards the pick up point. They avoid detection and are able to contact the rear guard and pick them up. While Bohdan and Zaonderh treat the wounded, they sneak back offworld and jump back to the new base.
When they arrive, the last ships have arrived, including the survivors of the Black Knives and the corvette with the base personnel. Once everyone is settled and reports have been turned in and processed, there is an award ceremony to honor all who fought to save the base personnel. For their actions in the battle, the Shriek-Hawk is awarded a Valor under Fire citation and Hack receives a Bronze Nova for destroying the Carrack cruiser.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Leelan maneuvers to give Aurin a better shot
Lee "Maneuvers…"
Emily "It's more of a gesture"

Leelan boards the Y-wing and checks it out
Kevin "Damn, it's a stick <shift>"

Discussing if the Shriek-Hawk has artificial gravity
Kevin "This is Star Wars; a cardboard box in space would have artificial gravity"

Leelan shoots and destroys a TIE
MC "You brought your boomstick"

At one point we had a side conversation about a show MC watched about bizarre sex practices and she mentioned one woman's 160+ dildo collection that she had lined up on shelves on display
Lee "That's awkward at Christmas"

Landing on the planet with the new Rebel base
Kevin "Is there air?"
Emily "It's the vape shop planet"

The planet's atmosphere is mostly breathable, but the average temperature and humidity is high
Lee "We can go for a hot, sticky picnic"
Mike "Bang Bus 20: Hot Sticky Picnic"

However, in the growing season, the atmosphere is tainted with a lethal fungal spore. Varek's mandalorian armor has breathing filters
Emily "The rest of us have to look like Bane"
The fungal infection can be treated
Emily "We just need some anti-cancer meds*"
Mike "Are there <toxic> slugs*?"
Jim "You can go dig in the dirt if you want"
*- Referring to the book Cibolla Burn from The Expanse series.
Do people infected by the spores turn into zombies?
MC "Those people need to be set on fire immediately"