Bu Shao class patrol boat

This is the 3,955 ton Alliance Patrol Boat listed on page 125 of the Serenity basic book. The class didn't have a name, so I made one up, it means "Sentinel".

Update: And I decided to use it for an upcoming adventure and discovered her design is really flawed, too. So therefore I needed to redesign it also.

Bu Shao Class Patrol Boat
4,000 Tons
Agi d6 Str d6 Vit d6 Int d6 Ale d8 Wil d6
Pilot d4, Perception d4, Heavy Weapons d4
Speed Class: 7 Hard Burn: 9
Fuel: 685 hours at SC7
Armor: 2W
Crew: 21
Troops: 8
Passengers: 3
Gear: 2 20 ton Shuttles, 2 ASREVs, 4 5 man lifeboats, 4 bed infirmary with Medcomp, 8 place brig.
Armament: 2 defensive autocannons (d6 Vehicle), 1 light cannon (d2), 2 1/2 ton missile launchers, 2 1/4 ton missile launchers.
Ammunition: 10 medium range (d6) missiles, 10 short range decoys (d6), 180 light cannon rounds, 1,330 autocannon rounds.
Cargo: 56 tons
Sharp Sense (m) Long Range Cortex Link
Complexity: 40 (High)
Cost: 721,458 cr plus vehicles
Maintenance: 12,800 cr/year

The Bu Shao is an older design, used by many worlds across the 'verse before the war and one of the few types that fought on both sides. Normal crew is 5 officers (Captain, XO, Helmsman, Doctor, Chief Engineer) and 16 enlisted (Bosun, 4 engineers, 4 gunners, 4 boat pilots, 2 boat gunner/mechanics, medtech) and 8 troops. The design is streamlined and handles easily in atmo'.

A later design drops the two ASREVs and two 20 ton shuttles in favor of one 50 ton armed shuttle, four more troops, additional cargo capacity and a heavier main gun. The Flight 2 version has a d4 cannon with 180 rounds and 73 tons of cargo. Her cost is 751,458 credits.

You can compare her with other patrol vessel designs, such as the Artemis, Venator and Frigate classes.