BTCHN Camaro Pistol

The Iskellian Technologies BTCHN (Binary Triggered Combustion Hypervelocity Needler) Camaro Pistol is a binary fuel pistol firing a very high speed projectile. The weapon is extremely rugged and reliable. There is no igniter, when the two separate propellant fuels combine in the firing chamber they self-ignite. Since the ignition source is chemical, not electronic, the pistol lacks the capacitor whine from the electric ignition system common to most binary and electrothermal weapons and is therefore quieter to arm.
Newtech (x4) Pistol. Damage d10W, 100 ft range, RoF 3, magazine 30. 72 credits

Gamemaster's note: The name is completely a play on the the song title "Bitchin' Camaro" from The Dead Milkmen
Emily wanted her gun to be called the "Bitchin' Camaro"
Matt "The Camaro line of pistols. Zero to dead in less than three trigger pulls"

Edit: A "needler" or "needlegun" is sci-fi slang for a weapon that fires needle or flechette-like projectiles. So this is a weapon that fires a small caliber projectile at very high speed, doing damage equal to a larger but slower conventional bullet. There have been several real world attempts to create such weapons, including shotgun shells with flechettes instead of round shot.