Bruin Morningstar

(Played by Lee)

Physical Description
Tall, lanky, swimmer's build. Looks like John Krasinski (Jim from "The Office"). Dark hair, blue eyes, bearded.

Homeworld: Coruscant.

Bruin Morningstar was the child of minor government functionaries and was taken for Jedi training at 4 years old. He excelled at lightsaber and computing, but at the expense of other Force skills, specifically those involving communicating or working with others. Bruin spent a lot of time at Jedi Academy with his nose buried in a computer and became a bit of a loner.

Bruin was taken as Padawan by the Jedi Knight, Kandri Ardel. Kandri was not a particularly notable Jedi; her skills were average at best, but she was well regarded and had a reputation for performing her duties capably and without any fuss. Bruin worshiped the ground she walked upon and was becoming more sociable and outgoing under her tutelage until she was killed under "mysterious" circumstances. Bruin was not with her on what was supposed to be a routine diplomatic escort mission (Kandri felt he would be better served by privately meditating and preparing for his trials) when the courier ship she was on crashed during take-off, killing all aboard.

Bruin was crushed by her death. During the investigation of the accident, a number of anomalies were discovered which suggested that the crash may have been sabotage, but further investigation was squashed by the local government. Kandri had been escorting a popular junior politician who was seen as a bit of a "Champion of the Working Class" and was causing some ripples in governing circles. The politician's death put an end to some labour reforms he was promoting and there were whispers that he had been secretly silenced by the governing powers.

Bruin developed a fear of flying after Kandri's death and the mysterious circumstances surrounding it just fueled the conspiracy theorist paranoia that he had originally developed during hours spent reading shady websites in his years at the Academy.

Bruin petitioned to take the Jedi Trials as his training was almost completed at the time of Kandri's death. He performed exceptionally well in most of the Trials, but scored poorly on the teamwork and fear components. His lightsaber skills compensated and the Council passed him, though not without some reservation. He has been given his first assignment to the mission on Herdessa on the strength of his computer skills, but he looks forward to proving himself in combat.

Kind of dorky; gets very excited about computers. Hates flying or anything to do with it. A bit of a conspiracy theorist - thinks that there is a galactic conspiracy against the Republic and the Jedi, but also has a healthy mistrust of the established government as well.

To use his skills to uncover the Truth… at almost any cost.

A Quote
"Slicing is just like using a lightsaber; both reveal the truth hidden beneath the lies."

Has a natural "knack" for computer (and droid, to a lesser extent) programming. Comp Tech (Major). +2d6 to Computer Programming, Droid Programming, Slicing.

Phobia (minor): Fear of flying. Make a Moderate Willpower roll when boarding a vessel or have a -1d penalty on all rolls due to anxiety. If the ship makes combat maneuvers, the pilot's skill roll is your target number. Botches can result in nausea and vomiting or increased penalties (-3d).
Conspiracy Theorist (minor) You believe in secret conspiracies and spend time researching and collecting evidence. If it comes up in conversation, you must make a Moderate Willpower roll or go on a rant. -1d penalty to interpersonal skill rolls after someone listens to your rant.


Lieutenant Ran Jissard- Jissard is a Special Investigator with the Coruscant Planetary Police. He was assigned to investigate the death of Kandri Ardel and the politician she was escorting. He feels there was some collusion above to push the investigation to a close. He maintains contact with Bruin in case any leads appear. Human male, early 30's. Blond and trim with pale skin.

Technician Saffi Ufadi- A Murachaun computer technician assigned to maintain the Jedi Temple Archive computer system. She met Bruin during his student days and was amused by his efforts to spend us much time as possible working with computers as his jedi training schedule allowed. She stays in contact with Bruin, sharing gossip from the temple and news from computer science journals. Murachuan female, predominately red with burgundy counter shaded scales on back and top of head.

Sodal Grahin- A Jenet reporter who specializes in sensationalism and conspiracy theories. Despite his focus on the fringe edge of journalism, he is a skilled investigator and interrogator. However, he is as lacking in tact as any other Jenet. Male Jenet with predominately white fur with longer gray fur on his head.