The Britannia

The Britannia is a 03K70 model Firefly class transport owned by Captain David Windsor. The K70 is equipped with slightly better sensors and backup systems than the K64 model.

Firefly class Mid-Bulk Transport
Dimensions: 191 X 128 X 35 feet
Tonnage: 2,400 tons
Speed Class: 4 cruise/ 6 hard-burn
Crew Quarters: 2 double cabins, 3 single cabins, lounge (210 tons total)
Fuel Capacity: 48 tons (600 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 500 tons in the forward cargo bay, 370 tons in the aft bay.
Passenger Capacity: 3 double cabins (10 tons per person)
Price: 58,320cr new, 14,580cr at auction.
Agi d8, Str d6, Vit d8, Ale d8, Int d8, Wil d8 Life Points 14
Traits: Everybody Has One (Major), Healthy As A Horse (Minor), Loved (M)
Skills: Pilot d6, Perception d6
Complexity: Very High (44)
Maintenance Costs: 960cr per month
Equipment: 2 20 ton Scarab shuttles, Military decoy launcher (d6, 10 decoys), improvised railgun in cargo bay (d?? ship scale damage), security system, hydroponics bay (replaces passenger stateroom #4)

Notes: The 03K70 is a later production model than the 03K64 and addresses some of that model's issues, namely very poor sensors and minimal emergency backup systems (Gamemaster's note: I couldn't stand the idea of giving the players a ship with a d2 Alertness and Willpower. The internal layout is different from that of the Serenity on TV and in the movie. Since there is no infirmary in the aft cargo bay, that area is available for cargo. Instead of the small personnel airlock door we see on Serenity between the two cargo bays, there is a larger, two piece sliding cargo hatch. However, the aft cargo bay cannot take units larger than 10' x 10' x 8', so the rear bay is restricted to smaller shipments either loose loaded or on pallets. The main bay has a catwalk down the starboard side, across the rear bulkhead and up the port side to the port shuttle and exterior airlocks. There is an airtight door at the rear of the aft hold going to the passenger quarters. There are stairs up to the catwalk at the front right, rear right and rear left corners of the cargo bay. There is a stairwell down from the corridor between the lounge and engineering to the aft cargo bay to access the passengers' quarters). The ship is made to a higher standard than a standard Firefly; airtight doors are powered and close automatically instead of being purely manual sliding hatches. The ship's lounge has a cortex terminal and large screen for group viewing. Since there are many stories that government agencies can spy through a cortex unit, most captains install a manual power switch to disconnect the cortex unit when not in use.
After the hijacking attempt (Shared Enemies), the crew decides to beef up the onboard security. They purchase a security system with motion detectors and cameras, manual overrides for the crew quarter locks are installed and a password program is added to all the computer terminals and airlock controls in the ship.
Now that this group has been onboard for a while, the crew put in points for Loved (M) asset and bought a gaming table on Angel (Alone in the Night).
A military decoy launcher was installed in August of 2516 as payment for a smuggling job (Blackjack cache).
In December of 2516, the crew did a major overhaul and refurbishment, which removed the Seen Better Days (m) complication.
In April of 2517, the crew upgraded the sensor system (Alertness d6) and upgraded the computer (Intelligence d6) in July 2517.
After major repairs, the crew upgraded and added system backups (Willpower d8) in August 2517.
One of the passenger cabins was converted to hydroponics for fresh food.
The crew continues to improve the ship with a new computer (Intelligence D8) and sensor package (Alertness D8) added in May of 2518.

Ship's Crest
Ship's Locker
Ship's Log


Loan payments 270cr/month
Crew salary 550cr/month
Service/docking fee 24cr, 36cr at skyplex for a week
Fuel 2 tons per day, 10cr per ton, 12cr at skyplex
Maintenance 960 cr/month plus repairs
Food .5cr per person per day
approx. 1,672cr/month
Repairs- 2,880cr per damage point
Upgrades: (minor asset or one step increase to stats) 3,840cr for dockyard work, dockyard space costs 120cr per week if you do it yourself, includes heavy equipment rental.

Cargo 1cr/ton short route (example: White Sun to Red Sun or Georgia to Kalidasa)
Passenger 50cr per short route
Estimate- 3 trips/month, 5 passengers and 50% cargo= 307cr profit per month, minus unusual repairs or expenses