This a combination adventure with Matt's Cyberpunk 2020 campaign. His players' characters are going to prison, my group has to break them out.

John - Nomad Driver "Stickshift"
Michael - Solo "Karric"
Mike - Corporate Ninja "Fingers"

Day 1 Monday
The player characters in Night City are contacted through one of their regular job fixers for a meeting with a "Mr. Johnson". The prospective employer is hiring them to break an undercover journalist out of an Arasaka run prison in Nevada. He gives them plans about the prison, they have a netrunner who has compromised the prison's computer system and is in contact with their person inside. The patron can provide a fake prison van, an extra getaway car, Arasaka weapons, body armor and uniforms. They are warned that in less than 15 minutes after the alarm is sounded, a helicopter gunship with an assault squad will arrive from the Arasaka office in Las Vegas. Once they get the journalist out, they can get out of the state by picking up SCUBA suits and dive sleds at a nearby marina and crossing Lake Mead to the pickup point in Arizona. The team makes their plan, they decide to have the netrunner insert a fake prisoner transfer request, they will show up in the fake van and pick up the journalist and escape by SCUBA. The team shops for some gear in Night City.

Day 2 Tuesday
The team drives to Las Vegas and checks into their hotel and goes to inspect the van. It has their uniforms, weapons, forged prisoner transfer paperwork, some demolition charges and a change of clothes and false ID for the journalist. That night they are contacted by the netrunner who tells them the plan has changed, they need to get out the journalist and five other prisoners! Needless to say they are angry and ask for double the pay. The patron is willing to increase 50%, since they still have to go to the prison and the risk is mostly the same. The patron does arrange extra scuba gear and clothes at the drop site. The team is told to hit the road in the morning and get to the area by 9am to be ready to go, but there is a chance the extraction will be delayed.

Unfortunately, during this time, one of the prisoners was interrogated and gave away some information.

Day 3 Wednesday
The team checks out of the hotel, drives to the storage area and gets the van and dresses for the mission. They arrive at the prison and go into the holding area, the six prisoners are brought out. But its an ambush, two more guards come in from outside behind them and try to arrest them. The prisoners tackle some of the guards and the heavily armed extraction team opens fire and puts a tear gas grenade into the security office. The netrunner overrides all the security doors in the prison, locking the guards in and opens all the cell block doors, letting the other prisoners out. Some of the team head outside to cover their escape, the Nomad prisoner (Konrad) shoots himself in the leg with a captured pistol and the extraction team solo mows down the two gate guards. Everyone piles into the van and they crash through the gate, the ninja throws a brick of plastic explosive out the back to crater the gateway road.
The two teams escape together to the nearby town where the getaway car is, but they forgot to ask for a second car. While the prisoners change clothes, the prisoner techie hotwires a church van and everyone piles in it to escape. A demolition charge is left in the security van to destroy any evidence.
They drive to a nearby marina, to the ex-prisoners' puzzlement. There the extraction team hands out scuba suits and rebreathers and explains the escape method. They divide up and take the five dive sleds and head south across Lake Mead to the Arizona border. A couple of people have mild panic attacks at the stress of a four hour underwater trip. Then one of the dive sleds breaks and they are forced to tow one of the prisoners behind two other sleds. They finally make it to the drop off point and emerge from the water to meet the pickup team. The extraction team turns in the gear and is paid off. They listen to the escaped journalist and prisoners talk to their employers; the journalist is paid, but some of his payment is deducted because of the added expense of getting out the other five prisoners he wanted brought with him. The other prisoners are pretty much being kicked loose with the clothes on their backs. The extraction team decides that's a little raw and gives up 10% of their pay to give each of the ex-prisoners 1,500 eurodollars to at least get away.

Gamemasters' Notes
It was an interesting session, Matt and I planned it out ahead of time and ran our two games in separate rooms, keeping as much information as possible from the players until they needed to know. After the actual break out started, we moved my players into Matt's room and ran the gun battle and escape together.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim "There are three fences around the prison"
Mike "That's o-fence-sive…"

Solo from other team "I'm going to be the biggest bad ass dude in here"
Techie from other team "I'm going to look like his bitch"

Mike "I want a parrot"
John "Is it inflatable?"
Jim "Is it a robo-parrot?"
John "Does it eat memory chips like crackers?"

One of the running gags was an inflatable love doll dressed up in the prison guards' uniform who was the fourth member of the extraction team. The only comment I'm going to repeat is:
Konrad "So you have an intern"
John "An inflatable intern"