Breakdown on Regina

(based on the Classic Traveller adventure "The Warehouse" by Joe Fugate and Gary L. Thomas from Challenge magazine#30)

After getting off of Whitefall with their new Osprey, the crew of the Blue Phoenix heads for Boros to hopefully find a job to make some money. However, less than halfway to Boros, the ship's pulse drive dies. The mechanic has good news and bad news and Captain Prescott asks for bad news first. Well, she doesn't have the parts to fix it. But the good news is she CAN fix it with the right parts. The captain and Aries put their heads together and figure they can reach Regina in about eight days on just the maneuver thrusters. They consider sending a distress message, but have no funds to pay for assistance and don't want to become reaver bait. They resign themselves to a long haul and head for Regina.
Aries makes a mistake plotting the course and they arrive a day late. The ship lands without problems and Lothel heads off to find parts. A local doctor, Benjamin Pierce, signs on the crew and a very handsome gentleman, Richard Fielding, buys passage to Boros. Lothel returns with more bad news, they can't afford the parts. The captain is contacted by John Aramis, the local head of Alliance Prospecting Services. He has an offer for Captain Prescott. He has a large piece of mining equipment that he needs to be transported out to the mining site, but its waiting for a shuttle to move it. An Osprey would be ideal to deliver it and the sooner it is in operation, the better off they will be to make the quarter's quota. If they haul the equipment out for him, he'll order their parts from Boros and give them a cargo offworld to pay off their debt. Captain Prescott agrees and the port crew loads the mining crawler on the Blue Phoenix and the ship departs for the Badlands.
They arrive at the drop off point, which is partially housed in a giant hangar leftover from the terraforming crews. The captain, Lothel and Dr. Pierce head off to find their contact, a Mr. Ching Fan. A couple of men come out of the local office and approach them, they seem tough, but it is a mining station. They invite the crew inside for cold beers while the wait for Ching. Inside, four more men in battle scarred armor with assault rifles take them prisoner. The first two head back to the ship to search it. Aries is on the Bridge, Fielding is in his passenger quarters, meditating and doing yoga. The two thugs speak to Aries over the intercom, but he's suspicious and locks up the ship and goes to find Fielding. The thugs call for help and the boss back in the office sends someone to help. Aries finds Fielding, who wants them to take off and flee. They head to the bridge, but the hijackers' reinforcements are a heavy truck with an autocannon. They fire a shell into the ship's windshield and Aries hurls himself out of the bridge taking minor wounds from shrapnel. Fielding continues to want to flee and pressures Aries into taking him to the shuttle. Meanwhile the rest of the crew are hauled across the compound into the hangar. Inside is an armed Jo Lynn class transport with heavy damage to her engineering section. So the hijackers are pirates with a damaged ship. They take the crew inside and lock them into a stateroom. Meanwhile Aries and Fielding take off in the shuttle, but the gun crew is waiting and they shoot the shuttle down. Aries and Fielding barely manage to land and the pirates run up to the shuttle, pull the emergency cockpit release and try to pull them from the shuttle. But Fielding shoots at them and they shoot back and kill him. They take Aries inside and put him in the room with the rest of the crew (GM's note- I gave Chmiel the mechanic to play). Dr. Pierce checks him out and improvises some bandages. The pirate leader comes back and asks who's the doctor? Pierce raises his hand and they take him to their ship's sickbay and tell him to tend the two wounded crewmen that are unconscious on the beds and locks him in.

GM's Note- We ran out of time and didn't finish.

Crew of the Blue Phoenix
Stacy- Freighter Captain Pency Prescott
Brittany- Blackjack Pilot Aries
Sam- Ex-Browncoat Recon Soldier
Jack- Frontier Doctor Benjamin Pierce
NPC- Mechanic Lothel (I borrowed Allison's old character from Lost Sheep)

Chmiel- Former Companion Richard Fielding (Yes, I loaned out Konrad's character)