Brawling and Entering

The party is in Everlund, discussing events with the Harpers and trying decide on their next objective. At Triboar, one of the locals told them some of his relatives live in Silverymoon, they're not nice people and may have a cache of enchanted items that could help the party. Sir Conlan is hesitant, he doesn't want them to attack some people who may be guilty of nothing more than a family feud. But most of the party are interested, Ezra in particular wants to put her talents to use. They decide to go and investigate the people involved to see if they are actually as malicious as their informant states.
But before they leave Everlund, Talik signs up for a barefist brawling tournament and Valfir decides to compete as well. Skamos and Astrid bet on the matches while Alaric, Ezra and Vincent watch. Sir Conlan goes off to find a fine restaurant with music. Talik is up against the local dwarf champion and defeats him in a long, bloody battle, winning against serious odds and making a good payoff for his backers. Valfir fights another newcomer who may be some kind of dragon cultist and defeats him. Then Talik and Valfir are matched against each other. Talik is still recovering from his battle with the dwarf and loses to Valfir after another bloody brawl. Skamos heals the fighters and they decide to leave for Silverymoon in the morning.
When they arrive, they split up to investigate the Margaster family. Vincent takes to the streets to question the locals and Sir Conlan talks to the local priests of Tyr. Astrid uses a Suggestion spell on their neighbors to get local gossip. Astrid does learn that sometimes odd things happen and scream like sounds are heard late at night. No one else has any useful information, the people seem to keep to themselves.
At night, they approach the estate. There is a carriage house with servants' quarters where two guards live, and the main house which has a three story tower attached. While the rest of the party covers them, Erza and Valfir sneak up on the tower. Erza climbs the wall and breaks in through a window. Valfir Shadow Steps to join her inside, its a simple bedroom. They search dressers and chests, but don't find anything. They move upstairs to a door to the third floor and Erza is blinded by a flash of light as it opens. The owner of the house, a human female, questions them. Erza tries to talk her way out, but the woman goes to a woman and calls for her guards. Valfir and Erza attack her, but she vanishes. Erza runs downstairs to escape, Valfir goes back out the window. Two guards run from the carriage house to the main house, Astrid tries to confuse them with Message spells, Alaric shoots arrows and Skamos stops one with Hold Person. Talik chases one guard into the house, and Astrid follows. Erza runs out and joins Alaric and Skamos in attacking the first guard who throws off the Hold Person spell and begins casting Fire Bolt spells. Skamos replies with Wrath of the Storm and Sacred Flame.Sir Conlan comes around the back to be ready to help Valfir and Erza escape. The woman appears on top of the tower and hits Valfir and Sir Conlan with a Fireball spell. Valfir attacks her on the tower roof and Astrid casts Sleet Storm to try to drive her off. She casts Fly to escape, but she is wounded and falls to the ground in front of Sir Conlan and he cuts off her head to be sure. Talik and Astrid are inside now, facing one of the guards. He Charms Talik into dropping his weapons. Sir Conlan bursts in through a window and charges the guard, hitting him twice. Alaric finishes the guard outside with his frost breath weapon and Astrid, Valfir and Sir Conlan kill the one inside. When the guards die, they shift into their true forms, they are some kind of half-devils. The party searches and loots the buildings and finds the cache of magic items in the carriage; two scrolls, a ring and a potion.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing use of the Harper's teleport portal network and that they can't take horses, they would need to sell their horses and buy new ones each time
Chmiel "There's no Enterprise?"
Lee "Rent-A-Horse? There used to be, but they went out of business because no one ever brought the horses back; they got eaten"
Jim "Extra deposit for half-orcs"
Lee "Callum is used to that"

Talking to the Harpers about the clues from the dragon
Kevin "Are they impressed we talked to a dragon?"
Lee "You did impress them…"
Kevin "We're dumber than they thought"

Discussing travel to Bryn Shander, and there's no good direct route
Lee "You could go through the mountains" The mountains are high and snowy
Jim "No, I saw The Fellowship of the Ring"

Discussing the name and appearence of the Tressym winged cat
Michael "His name is Snowflake; he's yellow"

At the fighting tournament, after Skamos puts down 10 gold at 5-1 odds on Talik
Lee "In this corner, our reigning champion…"
Callum "Oh, shit"
Kevin "I didn't hear that before"

Astrid uses Suggestion a lot to get her way and influence people
MC "You don't need Suggestion with a rack like this"
Lee "You need to have a boob off"
Jim "I'll put gold down on that"

Searching the clothes in the tower
Kevin "Is the clothing evil?"
Lee "Nothing from Hot Topic"

Fighting the guards
Kevin, to Callum "Are the guards orcs? Maybe you know them"