Brak Sector

The Brak Sector is in the Expansion Region, not far from the Corellian Run trade route. It has about 67 inhabited worlds and the capital is Bacrana. Originally a fairly quiet and apathetic sector, that changed when the Empire began to beef up its presence and crack down on local freedoms. The people protested and they were forcibly suppressed. This caused the general in charge of the Bacrana System Defense Force and most of his troops to rebel against the Empire. They were contacted by the Rebel Alliance and they joined the Rebels.
Besides the Empire, the other major player is the Lant Mining Corporation which was licensed during the Old Republic to exploit the sector. They brought in workers and colonized many worlds to support their efforts. But they exploited their workers and the Republic removed their right to govern. The company had hard times for a while, but lately have been doing better. When the Empire was formed, they declared their loyalty to the New Order and have had many of their privileges restored. The Empire doesn't care about the poor treatment of workers as long as the raw materials to build its war machine continue to flow.

Brak Sector Systems

Inhabited Systems
Aramand system
Asran system
Bacrana system- Sector capital, Imperial Garrison, shipyards, restricted travel zone
Cirra system
Demar system- Lant Mining Corporation Headquarters, Imperial Garrison
Garia system- Imperial Fleet staging area, restricted travel zone
Genesia system- Major travel hub, crime cartels
Latoma system
Laud system
Lota system
Mangez system
Mila system
Orma system
Ralme system
Rehn system- Imperial Fleet staging area, Rebel surveillance outpost, restricted travel zone
Skone system- Imperial Fleet staging area, Rebel surveillance outpost, restricted travel zone
Torve system
Welsl system

Barren Systems
De'nel system- Rebel X-wing fighter base
Enet system- Rebel reserve base
Intran system- Rebel Y-wing fighter base
Jinet system- Rebel Y-wing fighter base
Maxca system- Rebel reserve base
Tel Minor system- Rebel Sector HQ, Oracle Base