Generosity class tanker

Generosity class Tanker
5,000 tons
300’ L x 60’ W x 30’ H
Speed Class: 3 Hard Burn: 4
Fuel: 400 hours at SC 3
Ship crew: 6
20 ton shuttle
2 4 person lifeboats
Fuel for other ships: 670 tons
Cargo: 32
Cost: 61,280 cr
Maintenance: 4,000 cr/year, 234 cr per month

Agi d4 Str d6 Vit d6 Int d4 Ale d4 Wil d6 Life Points 12
Complexity: Low 24
Born to the Black (M)
Slow Throttle (m)

The fuel for other ships may seem low, but in the Serenity rules, 5 tons of tankage holds 1 ton of liquid hydrogen fuel due to the insulation, etc. An Osprey for example, needs 42 tons of fuel. So the Generosity class tanker can refuel almost 16 Ospreys. Tankers like the Generosity class haul fuel from major worlds to the skyplexes where it is sold at higher rates to passing ships.