Boots on the Ground

After returning to Oracle base with a cargo of old blasters, they are sent to Genesia with some samples to see if they can sell them to Zaonderh's gunrunner contact. When they arrive, traffic at Genesia seems even heavier than usual. Sensor scans reveal a star destroyer in orbit and extra patrol and boarding craft are making many more customs inspections. They luck out and make it through and observe a large number of heavy lift shuttles carrying cargo to a point near Genesia's capital city, Brenn. Landing at port, Zaonderh and Hack go to see the gunrunner, Leelan goes looking for parts in the junkyards and Varek and C'athall go to the spacers bars to find out what is going on.
The gunrunner isn't willing to pay what the Rebels want for the old guns, so the mission is a bust. They do learn the Empire is planting a new garrison here on Genesia which will significantly cut into the smuggling that the Rebels and the crime cartels do through Genesia. They have installed part of the power system and some of the air defenses and are building the perimeter wall and defenses. They leave Genesia and return to base to warn them.
The news of the planned garrison is very bad. Sector command decides this is a priority target; the garrison supplies must be destroyed before the base can be built. The team is ordered to go to Genesia, infiltrate the base and disable their air defense. Then the Rebels can bomb the base. Pilot Lirisa Castri will fly them to Genesia and stand by to relay their signal that the defenses are down. On the way to Genesia, C'athall flirts with Lirisa, she promises him a date when they get back to base.
The team lands in the city of Kila, not too far from the garrison site. Zaonderh gets a speeder and they go out to recon the garrisoon site and return to town to make their plans. Zaonderh reaches out to his smuggler contacts; they are not thrilled about the garrison either. He gets some smugglers' suitcases from them to smuggle guns into the base and pays them to set up a diversion at the base. Hack forges an IT company on Genesia's net and plants a fake work order authorization into the garrison's system for that company as civilian contracters. He gets fake IDs and rents a civilian speeder. Varek and Zaonderh conceal their speeder outside the garrison perimeter to spy on the guards. C'athall, Lelan and Hack drive up to the front gate and present their fake ID and work orders and are passed through and given a guard to escort them to their work area, the ion battery control room, which is temporarily handling base defenses. Lelan catches the guard's password when he sticks his ID card in the door locks. They arrive at the control room, a few techs are working along with another guard. They get to work, pretend to do tasks. Hack gets deeper into the system while C'athall and Lelan explore the server and auxiliary power rooms. C'athall knocks out the lone tech in the aux power room and they plan to rig a thermal detonator to destroy it.
Outside in the hills, a probe droid approaches Varek and Zaonderh. They evade it, but it has spotted their speeder. Varek calls Hack to see if he can divert it. But an officer comes into the control room and begins to question Hack. Hack sends the droid away, but a team of troops has been sent to investigate the team's speeder. Hack confuses the officer with his fake orders to buy time. Varek spots the approaching troops and opens fire with his repeating blaster and mows them down, Zaonderh finishes one with an excellent pistol shot. But now alarms sound in the base. Hack turns off the alarms in the control room and tries to make the officer think he set off the alarm accidentally and stopped it; but the officer realizes Hack is deep in the base's security programs and draws his pistol. He stuns Hack, then C'athall and Lelan come out of the back room and shoot it out with the guards. C'athall is also stunned, but Lelan manages to finish off the two guards. C'athall and Hack are brought around, they set the bomb and flee the command post.
Zaonderh calls his contacts for their distraction, and a speeder approaches the base from the other side and crashes into a cargo shuttle on the landing field and explodes! The perimeter guards hit the dirt and wait for assistance. A pair of TIE fighters arrive and orbit the base. Varek decides to shoot at some troops and the TIE fighters strafe their position. Zaonderh miraculously escapes without a scratch, but Varek is seriously wounded. Zaonderh drags him to safety and treats him.
C'athall, Lelan and Hack decide to escape through a vent they saw near the ion cannon. They blow up the command post and call Lirisa to tell her to give the "Go" signal to the Rebels. But when they find the vent, its the fusion reactor overload emergency vent. They have to climb five stories up the ladder rungs inside the vent shaft. They finally get out and decide to run to the administration buildings and get their rental speeder back. As they run for the parking lot, the TIE fighters on patrol explode and two squadrons of Y-wings come in on bombing runs. While the bombers hit the high priority targets, they reach the speeder and escape before one of the bombers hits the admin buildings next to the lot. Everyone meets back at Lirisa's ship, the wounded get a little more attention. Orbital traffic is in chaos and Lirisa takes off with out authorization and flees the planet. As they climb out of orbit, they see the Star Destroyer is trailing debris and flames. Three Corellian corvettes and the survivors of an X-wing and another Y-wing squadron are fleeing for safety, having disabled the Star Destroyer with a sneak attack. They get far enough from Genesia and jump to hyperspace.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Emily rolls on Leelan's random activities table
Emily "Flight simulator <training> programs"
Lee "NERD!"

Discussing how Michael's character gets shot or locked in a car trunk when they visit Genesia
Michael "It's a trunk adventure; I got shot last time"

Kevin gets Varek's helmet sensor bonus on a roll
Jim "He wears his helmet all the time"
Lee "Are you Judge Dredd?"

The Empire is deploying a garrison to Genesia to crack down on illegal trade
Kevin "This sounds like a conversation at the White House"
Jim "The Empire's going to build a wall"
Mike "And Genesia's going to pay for it"

Leelan is looking for ship parts in a junkyard
Emily "Got any sensor packages?"
Jim "Go fish"

C'athall is flirting with the transport pilot and mentions his character has a nipple ring with a feather, which leads to jokes about dreamcatcher nipple rings and a trip to the internet to see that they do exist.
Jim "Okay, we've lost focus, that's it for tonight"

Discussing how hard it is for Michael's Devaronian to ever go under cover because he can't pass for a human, even in a helmet because of his horns
"So your complication is you're horny?"

Deciding not to infiltrate a base to steal a ship so they can infiltrate the garrison
Emily "It would be overplanning on top of overplanning"
Lee "Planception"

Michael is trying to figure out if he can wear some of the spare Mandalorian armor and helmet
Jim "You would have to cut holes in the helmet for your horns to stick through"
Emily "I feel horns sticking out of a mandalorian helmet would be so Viking"
Then we're looking at various Devaronian artwork, Michael finds one of a pirate in a very flamboyant outfit
Emily "He looks… swishy"
Jim "Anything that looks pirate looks swishy"

Hack's fake IT company is Deep Throat Software

Then there was a long discussion about Mon Calamari hands, Lee was sure they had suckers and we finally proved he was right, even the old action figures have sucker hands
Lee "What does that show? Don't doubt me"
Emily "But you've been wrong before."

Spying on the garrison from the woods
Kevin "I should have packed a lunch"

Looking at the control room's server farm
Lee "I get a little chubby thing (erection) thinking about that server room"

Discussing where to hide the speeder
Kevin "In the shrubbery"

There were a lot of silly code phrases, we ended up with a lot of breakfast references. After shooting the four troops
Kevin "I had to shoot four waffles out of the toaster, more waffles are on the way"
Lee "Butter side is down"
Then a discussion of breakfast foods for code names, mostly English ones from Harry Potter. Someone suggested "Danish"
Emily "There's no Danish, there are no Danes in Star Wars to name it after"
Mike "They're Spanish" pronounced spay-nish
Jim "You mean Spanish?"