Boon Companions

A delve in the "Deadliest Cargo" theme. The characters are the crew of the Fei Long class transport, the Kalidasa Passage.

Captain Arthur Saxon (Niels) A former Alliance naval officer now running a freighter on the Rim.
Pilot Dexter Black (Kevin) A pilot with amnesia about his past.
Purser Richard Fieldings (Konrad) A retired Companion, hiding from his past
Doctor Charles Bao (NPC) A doctor suspended on false charges
Mechanic Nick Whedon (Emily) A drug addict, short tempered mechanic
Mechanic Al Bester (NPC) A slacker mechanic who loves the ladies. Yes, the one from the flashback episode of Firefly.
Deckhand Zeke Tomlinson (NPC) A simple farmer who lost his land, working as cheap labor.

On Silverhold, the crew picks up a mysterious passenger, a woman veiled in white mourning clothes and her older companion, posing as sisters. On Greenleaf, someone bribes the port inspector to temporarily blacklist the ship and delay take off, but the veiled woman gives the captain expensive jewelry to bribe the inspector with. She turns out to be a beautiful woman on the run, she was kidnapped on New Melbourne. At the Corone Skyplex, three men dressed in Rim style frontier clothing steal an inspection pod and board the ship. Captain Saxon and Dexter have a shootout with them and kill two and take one prisoner. The prisoner confesses they were sent to re-kidnap the woman. They space the pod and bodies in the deep Black, and drop the prisoner off in the outback of Dyton close to a town. When the ship arrives at Persephone, a Frigate class patrol ship, the IAV Hawk hails them and sends across a boarding team. When the officer comes on board, he ignores the crew and goes to the passenger quarters. He escorts the woman back to his shuttle, she has dropped her disguise and is a beautiful Companion in her formal wear. It's Inarra Serra. She thanks the captain and crew for getting her home safely and departs with the Alliance ship.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Niels to Konrad as he walked in "You look like you're only half here, maybe your other half will show up eventually."

Kevin "I don't like candy corn, but they're better than Necca wafers."

Konrad "You're smoking space pot, its spot."

Konrad "You have a ship full of vice." (Konrad's character was an ex-Companion, Emily's was a drug addict, the NPC doctor was a heavy drinker)

Emily was trying to find music on Pandora and hit some some kind of techno-funk, and:
Niels "When my captain steps on to the bridge, he does the Robot."
Konrad "I don't always do the Robot, but when I do…"

Emily "So he just rolls 'Basic Stealing Shit'?" Her character was a petty thief, but didn't have any Covert skill.

Emily "So he's Business Drunk?"
Jim "No, he's Russian Doctor Drunk."
Niels "But not Mexican Doctor Drunk."

Konrad "I don't bring up her mourning clothes."
Emily "Because its afternoon."
Jim and Konrad simultaneously facepalm.

Konrad's character is signing in new passengers, including a guy who could scare Jayne Cobb.
Konrad to Niels "Are you going to try to hire him?"
Niels "He looks like he would fit in well."

Niels "She's endangering our lives."
Kevin "So is everyone else."

Emily "It's his best skill."
Konrad "Finding drugs?"
Emily "No, taking them."

Jim "You see three men in frontier style clothing."
Emily "Davy Crockett, Howdy-Doody and The Lone Ranger."

Emily "Now that we're underway, all I can do is start fights and do drugs, those are my skills."

Konrad to Niels and Kevin "He anti-paid, he shot you and him."