"Boomer", ex-soldier played by Michael

You grew up on the desolate outer moon Titan. When the war started, you signed up and made a good soldier, but wars end and you were discharged. Rather than stay on Titan, you started working as a Cowboy.

Cop- Magdalena Rabinowitz is a police officer on Tijuana. You had a few run-ins with her when you first started hunting bounties, but she realized you meant well and gave you some good advice. White, short dark hair and dark eyes. Mean stare.

Doctor- John Mcintyre served in the Titan war also. Like you, he decided to get off that rock and ended up on Mars. It’s still a sandy rock, but the nightlife is better. Tall with curly brown hair and a perpetual smile.

Informant- Paul Smithers is a two bit black marketeer on Ganymede, but he does have a good ear for people coming and going. White male, bald.

Informant- Du Nung is an ex-con working construction on Mars. He still hears things from old friends. Chinese male, average height, but muscular build.