Bombing Of Shadow

Shadow was one of the most fervent supporters of Independence. It was a world of small towns surrounded by farms and ranches. Despite its low population, Shadow was one of the major sources of volunteers for the Independent forces. The Alliance knew invading Shadow would be a high cost, low return effort, so in May of 2510, the bombardment fleet that reduced Aphrodite turned its attention to Shadow. Shadow's towns and infrastructure were bombed without the warning Aphrodite's cities were given. Major farms that could be identified were also hit. There was no attempt at conquest, the Alliance simply bombed the world and withdrew. Once the fleet was clear, Independent ships spacelifted the survivors to Hera. Shadow was left an empty world with effectively no inhabitants.

The bombing of Aphrodite and Shadow did have two effects on the war. It angered the Rim worlds beyond compare. Recruitment went way up and the Browncoats developed a fanatical hatred for the Alliance. It also outraged the population of the Core Worlds. The Alliance government and military were forced to admit the bombings had been too severe and that such scorched earth policies would not be employed in the future. Alliance invasions were temporarily halted as more troops were drafted, trained and equipped for the next battles.