Boarding Party

The player characters get word that a bounty is leaving Mars today on a casino liner headed to Venus. They know he is travelling under a false name and in disguise. They get last minute tickets and go aboard. They spend some time watching for him in the common areas, then bribe a steward for the passenger manifest. They figure out where he is, then arrest him. When ship's security turns up, their bounty is brigged and they are held until their licenses are verified.
Everything is fine until two pirate shuttles come along side and threaten to blow the ship up if they don't allow them to dock on and board. So, the players, concerned with losing their bounty, tried to break into the ship's security section. After a tussle with security guards, they were allowed to sit in the brig and watch their prisoner. So the pirates raided the ship unopposed and got away… I warned them at the beginning that if they screw up, they were going to fail.

So we played some Chez Zombie and Zombie Dice until the next game was supposed to start.

Ex-Cop: "Duke",as in "the Duke abides" Konrad
Ex-Prizefighter: Quincy "The Brick" Malone Matt
Ex-Crook: Robert

There was a long explanation that since there is no artificial gravity in the Cowboy Bebop universe, ships and stations rotate to generate gravity. The ship's ring rotates to simulate normal Mars gravity on the outer layer where the luxury suites are, and perceived gravity is lower closer to the center.
Matt: "The rich people are on the outer ring: 'We have only the finest gravity.'"
Konrad to Matt: "Do you think you can use the internet better than me?" Matt's d6 Intelligence prize fighter then makes a better skill check than Konrad's d8 Intelligence Ex-Cop.