Blue Sun Colonies

At the time of the War of Unification, as is true now, the colony worlds in the Blue Sun system were low population, recently terra-formed worlds. These worlds were still being administered by the Colonization and Settlement Authority and had little individual culture or government yet. Only Meridian and New Canaan had any local industry, and that was poorly suited for conversion to military production. Some local patrol ships were sent forward to help in the Battle of Qin Shi Huang, but they were few. Surviving ships were recalled during the war as local worlds were attacked by bands of psychotic pirates who killed and maimed their victims in random horrific attacks on ships and settlements.
Far from the front lines and allies, with little help to give, these worlds were mostly overlooked during the war. A small garrison force was sent to the system to enforce Unification, but other than some disorganized guerilla attacks and vandalism, there was no serious resistance and induction into the Alliance was without incident. Many locals welcomed the Alliance garrisons as protection against the new breed of space marauders who came to be known as the Reavers.