(Inspired by the Classic Traveller Adventure "A Dagger at Efate")
(The Jackson is played by Jess)


The crew is reunited on Gonghe after the investigation of Preston's murder on the Golden Voyage (see Aces & Eights). Capt'n Sata and Archibald start looking for cargo, but Lennon is horrified that the ship was actually on Londinium and begins an in depth examination of the ship, looking for weaponized rats.

Veterans in Need

While looking for cargo, Sata meets another group of former Browncoats, led by Bartholomew Hanson. They too have a cargo ship and are trying to get it up and running. The two groups agree to pool their resources, and get Hanson's ship running.

During the repairs Sata, Wilks and Jackson realize Hanson's people are not what they seemed at first. They've colored their coats red, they seem very driven and humorless. Almost all of them are former members of the 15th Nightstalkers, an Independents army commando unit with a reputation for bloodthirstiness. Sata asks Wilks what he knows of them and Wilks replies, "They're Dust Devils, Cap'n."


Meanwhile, Lennon is still tearing out floor and wall panels looking for rats. He's only had a few hours of sleep and obsession might be passing into dementia as sleep deprivation begins to show up.
Saxon is bored and tours the local town, buying silly little gifts for the crew. Among the gifts are an incredibly life-like toy rat that he gives to Jackson. And a plastic captain's mug bearing the legend "HMS Seeker". The pawn shop owner claimed it is an artifact from Earth-that-was. Jackson hides the toy rat under Lennon's pillow. That night, Lennon finally finishes the ship inspection and comes to bed about 4am, barely able to see straight. He lays down on his bunk and feels a lump under his pillow. He stands up, draws his pistol and pulls the pillow slowly aside. Exhausted from his labors and without his glasses, he sees what he believes is a real rat and fires his gun, striking the toy dead center and awakening the crew. Some are more amused than others…

Wilks buys a used hovercar and some parts and tools so he can fix it up as a hobby project.

The Truth

The ship's repairs are done and Sata convinces Hanson to level with him. Hanson takes Sata to one of the crew rooms, inside is a nuclear asteroid mining charge bolted to the deck, timer already running. Hanson takes Sata into his confidence, and their worst fears are realized, Hanson's men are going to kamikaze the ship into a skyplex as an act of terrorism.

The crew returns to the ship for a conference of war. Not trusting the Feds and not wanting to see the terrorists detonate the nuke while still in the port, the crew decides to board their ship once it has lifted off. The Yellow Submarine takes off and waits. When the Bloodcoats' freighter clears atmo, Sata flies the shuttle over and docks with the freighter. There is a shootout with the pilot, who is wounded, but not killed. Sata reprograms the ship's autopilot to take it far from populated worlds so the charge will detonate harmlessly. Now the dilemna: what to do with the unconscious terrorist pilot. Some want to bring him back for treatment, others say leave him to die. Saxon tires of the debate and quickdraws his pistol, gives the pilot the coup de grace and says "He's dead, let's go."

The crew returns to the Yellow Submarine, lands again and finishes taking on cargo. They depart for Beaumonde.