Blood Vengeance

Blood Vengeance is the working title for our new AD&D campaign which will use Oriental Adventures 1st edition. I am going to be stealing a lot of material, particularly Bloodspeakers and Oni from the Oriental Adventures 3.5 edition and the D20/Legend of the Five Rings Rokugan books.

Campaign Setting

Random Notes

Players and Characters

Chris Cat Hengeyokai Wu-Jen Rei
JoAnne Human Samurai Mai
Kevin Bamboo Spirit Folk Kensai Hiro
Lee Human Tattooed Monk Jeffakou
Matt Human Wu-Jen Riku
Michael Monkey Hengeyokai Kensai Konni
NPC Human Shukenja Nagai

Callum River Spirit Folk Samurai Daikai
Callum Human Monk Miki
Kimi Sparrow Hengeyokai Thief Chun Gao


The Secret Vault
Naga Tomb
Bandit Town
Night of 1000 Screams
Beyond the Empire
Just a Northern Tomb
The Emperor's Service
Battle at the Portal

New Magic Items

Jade Daikyu
Hankyu of Ice
Spear of Venom
Katana of Flight
Lajatang of Fortune
Pearl of Water
Sword of Warnings
Ghost Hankyu
Defender NoDachi
Wakizashi of Honor
Ring of Jumping
Headband of Intellect
Three-Part Staff of Flame
Wand of Lightning

Short Stories