Blood Price

After taking Yurten to the temple of Astalon to see if they could reverse his Petrification, the party is sent to Krondor to see a wizard. The temple loans them a team and wagon to carry Yurten.

In Krondor, they meet with the wizard who says he can help them, but he needs something first: four vials of the Medusa's blood. He has already hired a tracker, the ranger Chunorris, he will guide them to the Medusa's lair. They very reluctantly agree, concerned more of them could end up turned to stone as well…
They stock up for the journey and leave Yurten with the local temple of Astalon and journey southeast into the Grey Range mountains. Technically, they cross into Kesh, but are in the very fringes. One night, they are attacked in the night by a hunting pack of giant scorpions and Chunorris is poisoned. Jacques uses his Bragor's Gem to save him.
Finally, they arrive at the ruined temple where the Medusa lairs. They descend into the catacombs beneath and are attacked by skeleton guardians. Even without a cleric, the party easily defeats them and travels deeper into the catacombs. They come to a large chamber and are attacked by more skeleton guardians, then the Medusa herself attacks with a longbow from the other end, firing arrows dipped in her own blood as poison. Hiro uses his ring to turn Invisible, covers his eyes with a blindfold and sneaks up on her and attacks with his katana. Jacques casts Invisibility on himself as well and attempts to entangle the Medusa with his bolas, but misses. Giric also covers his eyes with a blindfold and attacks. After Jacques misses, he throws two flame Chromatic Orb spells and hits with both. Greywind attacks with a Wood Sword spell, Rhiann fires arrows at Medusa and Chunorris attacks as well. The party slays the Medusa, collect some of her blood and cut off her head as well to bring back.
They return to Krondor and give the blood to the wizard, who restores Yurten without it. He explains he didn't need it for the cure, that was their payment to him for casting the spell. Chunorris decides that he likes the rest of the party, and asks to join them.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing how Yurten was still turned to stone from the beholder
Lee "Save versus Moss"

The party is sent to get some of Medusa's blood instead of paying the wizard to restore Yurten
Lee "We need to hire a high level phlebotomist"
Michael "Can we just pay instead?"

Lee fails a Perception check "I found a butterfly"

All night long we were rolling nines, and we were explaining the various "8+1" and "3 squared" jokes
Lee "I rolled the square root of 81"