Blockade Runners

This is the Independents' Blockade Runner from the basic book on pg 125. I do not like her design, and there are many errors in it. Here is my redo:

Nu Hai Dao "Lady Pirate" class Blockade Runner
10,000 tons
Speed Class: 8 Hard Burn: 12 (10/12 on Reaction drives)
Fuel: 600 hours at SC 8
Armor: 1S
Crew: 13
Passengers: 20
2 20lb cannons (d2)
4 1lb cannons (vehicle d0)
4 1 ton missile launchers, 4 250 lb missile launchers
320 20lb rounds, 4,000 1lb rounds, 24 long range 1 ton missiles (d6), 16 short range jammer, decoy or anti-fighter missiles (d4)
2 20 ton short range shuttles, 8 5 man lifeboats, 5 bed Infirmary
Cargo: 1250

Agi d6 Str d8 Vit d6 Ale d8 Int d6 Wil d6
Covert (m), Fast Throttle (M) Fast Thrusters (m)
Poor Flier-Atmo (m), Undergunned (M)
Pilot d6 Perception d6

Complexity: 42 High
Cost multiplier: x1.6
Cost: 1,425,730 cr plus ammo and shuttles
Maintenance: 2,667 cr per month

Some ships were fitted with additional armor, add 1W armor and 5,000 credits to cost, lose 500 tons of cargo.