Major Auchen 1st division US Army tasked as part of SOUTHCOM drug interdiction task force Zulu
February 1996.
Feb 23rd 1300 Hours: Patrol Bravo sent to liaise with informant ZEUS to investigate reports of reopened
jungle airfield located at GPS coordinates 21-18-02.54891 N 157-50-45.90280 W
Feb 25th 1600 Hours: Patrol Bravo routine radio check. Mission is proceeding as planned.
Feb 27th 1900 Hours: Patrol Bravo routine radio check. Patrol reports several electronic devices
malfunctioning, but progress toward objective nominal.
March 1st 1900 Hours: Contact made with informant ZEUS. Informant ZEUS confirmed reports of
operational airfield with photographs and provided a map of airfield location to Bravo. ZEUS also
requested and was granted exfil as a condition of participation.
March 2nd 0600 Hours: Request granted for deployment of J JD DAM class munitions in support of
mission. Aerial reconnaissance confirms total destruction of two presumed narcotic storehouses and a
light aircraft hangar at respective GPS coordinates 21-18-02.54891 N 157-50-45.90280 W. Multiple KIA
tangos reported.
March 2nd 1300 Hours: Patrol Bravo requested pickup at 2230 Hours at GPS coordinates 21 -18-02.54891
N 157-50-45.90280 W for eleven individuals.
March 2nd 2230 Hours: Extraction team reported that the teams GPS coordinates -18-02.54891 N 157-
50-45.90280 W correspond to a clearing in a wooded area however, no radio countersign was received
and the mission no smoke was observed at the location.
March 2nd 2330 Hours: No radio contact could be established with Patrol Bravo using any frequency and
no emergency transponder had been activated. Extraction was changed to search and rescue.
March 3rd 0700 Hours: Extraction team along with an additional security team and 45. 5 overwatch
returned to GPS coordinates 21-18-02.54891 N 157-50-45.9028W. Security team located signs of recent
human activity in the area, but no signs of violence.
March 10th 2200 Hours: Investigation continued with expanded military presence including K-9 units and
three security companies. Evidence of discarded a uniform was found at GPS coordinates 21-18-
02.54891 N 157-50-45.90280 W due south of clearing. This was followed with foot patrols but, no
further trace of Patrol Bravo was found and within seven days ground presence in the area was
terminated and the team was listed as MIA.

Bill - May 1996
A man walked out of the jungle. He stumbled down the road to a nearby village where he asked in an
almost unused voice if he could have a cup of water and some food. Of his clothing almost nothing
remained other what was left of a backpack and a bloody animal skin that looked as if it belonged to a
dog or wolf. He professed to be a US army soldier and explained that he would reward any man who
returned him to a US army facility and given a suitable number of monetary promises he was promised an
escort to friendly territory.
After a twenty hour bus ride resplendent in peasant garb Bill arrived at the capitol with a farmer’s son and
after a difficult discussion due to his shabby appearance Bill was allowed to speak with an officer. After
this discussion he was immediately transported to a local hospital. When he arrived it was discovered
that he was critically malnourished and that he was indeed Cpl. Bill Patasko of Bravo platoon.
As is customary as soon as his identify had been established an intelligence officer was dispatched for
debriefing. From his hospital bed the following timeline was established. First, Bill recalled being
involved with the deployment of 3-JDAM type munitions on a suspected drug smuggling operation in the
eastern jungle. He also recalled a radio call made by his lieutenant requesting pick- up. Beyond this he
spoke of marching toward the pickup point and then falling asleep on his feet. Bill then said that beyond
that point in time he lost track of what happened only recalling waking up alone in the dead of night
clinging to the still bloody skin an animal. Bill also proffered the animal skin, which he had not allowed the
doctors to seize as corroboration. He expressed that following the sun during the day he marched west
hoping to run into friendly locals. He recalled walking for eight days, but admitted that his count could
have been off.
To this day nothing more is publically known of what happened to Bravo platoon other than the story he
told. Rumors circulated that perhaps the informant had arranged for an ambush, but since neither he nor
the rest of the platoon were ever seen again this was never to be corroborated. Then, via a stroke of luck
a sting was connected to a pin. Bill’s “dog pelt” was examined by a naturalist who happened to be
recovering from a jungle disease at the same hospital. A brief analysis confirmed that the pelt was not of
a native creature or even a known creature for that matter.
A sample of the pelt was then forwarded to the University of Auckland and then to BPRD, and it was then
determined or be from an unknown creature likely supernatural. The BPRD then sent their own
delegation to interview Bill and included in this delegation was celebrated hypnotist. After much
discussion Bill agreed to open his mind and slowly over several weeks the truth about the disappearance
of Bravo platoon was exposed.
It was the informant, but the informant was no paid lackey of the drug cartel and Bill had not simply fallen
asleep on his feet. The informant had apparently lured the platoon into an ambush, but not by people but
by insects. A small green mosquito like creature had bitten each man on the walk back to evac point and
every one of them had fallen in to a walking sleep state or as the hypnotist referred to it a “blank slate
condition”. Bill and the others had then willingly followed the informant for many miles walking in a line
like school children thru the jungle. Then, a day later this strange group arrived at an abandoned farm
hidden in the jungle, and within hours of arriving the platoon awoke alone on the floor of a strange
building with no idea how they had got there.
The next part of Bill’s story took a week of work by Bill and the hypnotist to unlock, and when it was finally
reveled both Bill and hypnotist were never to be same again. The human mind locks things away for a
reason and the horror which he had endured took place mostly in and around the abandoned farmhouse.
The first week at the abandoned farm was a week of grim discovery. After suitable conversation the team
surmised that they had been drugged and then dragged to the farmhouse and resolved to travel west as
soon as possible in case their captors returned. So resolved, they left the house and upon crossing a low
stone wall surrounding the property the platoon was assailed by green insects again they found
themselves waking up on the floor of the strange farmhouse.
Now things became really bad. Numerous futile attempts were made to leave and the same result was
observed with individuals returning to the farmhouse in a sleep like stupor followed by collapse on the
floor. There was no escape. Every day a man or group of men would attempt to cross the wall and then
a short time later the escapees would return in the a stupor and collapse on the floor. This continued for
about a week and naturally the platoon started to lose discipline, as the madness took hold. It was a cell,
but not cell. Iron bars the men understood, but this was something different.
One man, a friend of Bill’s named Patrick, would cross the wall over and over just so he could sleep.
Patrick, as Bill described him, had had a drug problem problem before joining the military and soon he
had to be restrained for the sake of the collective moral of the others. Others, such as the lieutenant tried
to apply logic to the situation. Men were sent out and numerous tricks to avoid being stung were
attempted. Men covered themselves with mud, started fires, and staged diversions to try and outsmart
the insect. Nothing worked. The trap was perfect and the squad’s moral sunk lower. Then Patrick
escaped his bonds on the eighth day and hung himself. He was not the first and by the end of the second
week two more men had ended their lives an apparent suicide pact.
Depression was rampant and moral was now at rock bottom with only seven of the original ten remaining.
The lieutenant’s bag of tricks was done and at table one night they began to talk seriously. Bill recalled
the conversation starting amusingly enough with Sam humming “The End” by The Doors and all of a
sudden the elephant was standing in the room. There was no path forward the lieutenant explained and
in this case he had a responsibility to his men. He talked quietly and professionally about men using
cyanide pills to avoid torture at the hands of Japanese and of Japanese medics passing out grenades to
the wounded. Stories that a man hears over a long career, but hopes that he would never have to
confront. In the end the lieutenant said that anyone who desired peace would only need to talk to him
privately and he would make it as painless as possible.
This act came to be called “crossing the wall” as the lieutenant would perform his duty while the man was
under the stupor in a hope that he would not feel anything. After two weeks of this only Bill and the
lieutenant remained. The five others had taken the lieutenants offer and in two groups of two and three
men two groups had crossed the wall holding hands. By this point both Bill and the lieutenant were
almost completely numb to the world. Bill had also helped with the second group to spare the lieutenant
from doing it alone. In the end they lived on separate sides of the farmhouse and tried to not look at each
other knowing full well what was coming. Bill collected rocks and made a rock mural. The lieutenant
wrote endless letters to his wife.
Then on the thirty-first day the lieutenant suggested that they play cards. The winner would cross the wall
the loser would hang. The game, “texas hold ‘em”, came down to a pair of jacks on Bills napkin scrap
cards verses two pair three’s and five’s in the lieutenant’s hand. Bill did his duty, but he did not hang
himself. After the death of the lieutenant Bill something changed. The cell was open. Bill didn’t know
how he knew, but he did, and he crossed wall and was not stung. Then Bill ran. Bill ran for his life into the
jungle like animal. He ran until he was drenched in sweat and could not move any further.
Then, lying on the forest floor panting and madly elated he heard human footsteps approach. A man
came towards him in the gloom. It was the informant. Carlos the informant sat down on a rock near Bill
and said in a matter of fact tone - “I am Paul. I did something to you and your fellows - something that will
never be forgiven by the Christian god. I did this for good reason. I did it to make you or more properly to
unlock you. To turn you from the man you are to the man you can be and to make you the vessel ….”. At
this point in the monolog Bill got to his feet and shoved his hand in Carlos’s mouth. Carlos made a
surprised muffled yelp, and then Bill, using the same technique that he used had on the Samuel and then
the lieutenant ended Carlos.
Carlos died. He died as they had died. Whatever he wanted to say Bill neither understood nor cared.
Carlos/Paul had created his pet monster and his monster had turned around and bitten him. Bill stood
over the body for a long time and watched as it slowly changed from the shape of Carlos in jungle
fatigues to a wolf lying in overlarge mans clothing on the jungle floor. Bill then proceeded to cut the skin
from the body just as he had once done with a deer that he and his father had taken. He then took the
skin and walked away with it. Whatever Paul/Carlos had done Paul/Carlos was dead and that closed the
supernatural loop in Bills head. A few paces later he fell down from exhaustion and went to sleep.
The celebrated hypnotist who conducted Bill’s interview never worked again. As for Bill, Bill was a
survivor of a supernatural attack and thus, prime recruiting material for the BPRD. He was given further
training to complement his military education and showed great vigor and keenness to learn new
techniques. He currently is dating an attractive BPRD research intern named Dora.