Big Damn Medics

Big Damn Medics is a loose sequel to "The Yellow Submarine" Campaign. At the end of that campaign, the player characters were wealthy and had serious political contacts. That allowed them to form a non-profit organization, the Sata Fund, to bring free or low cost medical services to Rim worlds, including medical aid during disasters.

In the BDM campaign, the player characters will be personnel assigned to one of the roving hospital ships. There will be a revolving roster of players, the idea being that the characters are drawn from the pool of personnel assigned to the hospital ship. Adventures will generally only be one session long and will start with the characters from the players who are there that week being assigned to a team, given a briefing and being dispatched in one of the hospital ship's two pulse drive shuttles. This will allow each adventure to be made up of different players, based on who is available. It will allow regular players to be part of the campaign without having to attend every session and for guest players to easily join the campaign even if they can only play once in a while.

Each "team" will usually have up to six characters: Pilot, Co-pilot/mechanic, Doctor, 2 nurse/medtechs, and a security officer. Most of the characters will be cross-trained in other areas. For example, some of the adventures will involve space rescue missions, so everyone will have to be vacuum suit trained and some characters will have mechanical skills to help with entry to damaged ships. Some of the adventures will not be based on emergency missions, I have ideas for adventures that happen while the player characters are on leave and away from the ship, for example.

New Ships
Kuan Yin class Hospital Ship
Nightingale class Pulse Drive Emergency Shuttle

Team Members
Ryan: Chris Hammond, Doctor- A core world doctor and martial artist.
Matt: Roy Nelson, Copilot/Mechanic- A grizzled old former space salvage worker from Beaumonde.
Konrad: Jett Winters, Medtech- a former military medtech and triage specialist, he was an Alliance soldier during the war.
Emily: Ru, A mystery person
Raleigh: Naomi Hale, Medtech/Engineering
Former player characters, now NPCs:
Kevin: Samuel L. Jenkins, Pilot
Mike: Duncan Bidwell, Security Officer

Campaign Notes
Campaign Background
What has happened in the 'Verse?
Crew of the Apollo

Rescue on Greenleaf
Cadmium Blues
Organ Trade
Train Job Reverse
Death of the Apollo

Update: BDM is dead. The campaign theme of one of River's classmates will be revisited in the "Lost Sheep" campaign. And as far as the canon of my Serenity Verse is concerned, this never happened.