Lee- Cleric Lothar
Callum- Fighter Ancip
Kimi- Half-elf Thief Theodosia
Matt- Half-orc Fighter Urthakis
Chris- Elf Mage Edres
Michael- Duelist Vyncent

In the city of Gurdikar, the characters are hired to find the son of a wealthy merchant clan who was kidnapped by orcs. And someone is raiding their supply caravans. The party tracks down the villains, a Liartian cleric and mercenaries disguised as orcs, working for the clan's rivals.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Kim rolls an "05" on her thief's pickpocket roll
Lee "She stole his identity"

Matt "Eat a Snickers; you're not yourself when you're hungry"

The rival clan's name is Volenta
Matt "Anyone with a "v" in their name is evil; Voltaire"
Lee "Voldemort"
We forgot Vader…

Jim "Its a small town; no inn, no tavern, no brothel"
Matt "If they have a stable, they have a brothel"
Everyone boos and Jim takes back one of Matt's XP chips.

The party is disturbed by wolves howling in the night
Lee "That's no wolf, its the half-orc snoring"

The thief is following the raiders' tracks
Jim "You find boot prints from shoes that are finely made, not crude or…"
Kim "Orcy?"

Questioning a prisoner
Kim "Can we cut him open and read his insides?"

Talking about a called shot
Callum "Eyes; the groin of the head"