Betrayal On Mars

From the beginning, I knew the campaign was going to end in treachery. Mike's character Juan Carlos Escobedo was secretly a spy for the Queen-Regent of Spain. Once Mike came up with that background, I knew that at some point Mike would have to make a decision if his character would be loyal to his temporary shipmates or to his Queen. And I knew which it would be… Then Matt signed on to the idea, with his character, Dr. Nigel Reddington as Juan's henchman.

For some time, the two of them had been plotting in secret. I encouraged them, but tried to never give them an unfair advantage. I knew that with two players against four, they had a slim chance of success, but I wanted to give them a chance. The only real help I gave them was their own copy of the Menace's deckplans so they could plot.

When the last adventure started, I did give them the word their moment was at hand. I insisted on knowing everything they had on their characters in case they had to suddenly try to implement their plan. Their chance came, and they took it and it started well. Then Emily handed me her whole pile of chips to have her character's famous NPC husband show up to save the day.

I had to think long and hard about that. I didn't want to completely snatch away Mike and Matt's chance of success. So I posed the other players a question: they have three possible cities to escape to, where are they going? Guess right, and you have a chance to capture them. Guess wrong and they will escape completely. Kevin, Emily and Raleigh debated their choices and made the right decision.

The campaign ended with Matt's character committing suicide to escape capture and Mike's spy dying in an all or nothing, freedom or death sword duel with Raleigh's character. Since I can't reward dead characters, I gave Matt and Mike extra points to spend on their next characters.