Bellerophon Bounty

Roll the upgrade montage
The crew of the Britannia has had a working vacation on Beaumonde. Naomi disappeared for three days while Captain Windsor was on a bender, she took Shuttle 2 in for a lot of upgrades with parts she has been stockpiling or fabricating. She takes Junior aside and asks him to whip up a couple of poison gasses for her project. Ruan does the tourist thing for a few days, then decides he knows Beaumonde so well he can be an amateur guide. But that bores him as well and he decides to apply for his Orbital Rescue Certification. He just barely fails on his try and the instructor allows him to retest and he passes easily on the next try. Cid takes Shuttle 1 and enters the Kalevala skyplex shuttle obstacle course and does well enough to win 200 credits. Windsor decides to upgrade the ship substantially, the power failures they experienced have convinced him the ship needs better backup systems. They move the Britannia to a drydock and install auxiliary backups on most ship systems (raised Willpower two steps to d8).
Finally, the ship is ready and Cid picks up a cargo of radioactive ore bound for Persephone. A few days out, Windsor is contacted by bounty hunter Roy Hwang. He has a warrant he's having trouble executing and think's the crew's blend of skills will be just what he needs. The target is a high society playboy, Victoro Casal, staying on one of the floating estates of Bellerophon. The local magistrate refused Hwang permission to execute his warrant, so now he's looking for other means. Hwang explains that his target will be at a party celebrating the local cricket team's championship win and he has obtained two invitations to the event. As a former cricket player, Windsor will be ideal to infiltrate the party. Hwang was a ring with a concealed drug dispenser loaded with a slow acting sedative. If Windsor can shake hands with him, he will pass out a couple of hours later. Now, Hwang remembers that Ruan is a former paramedic. So, if the crew can steal or mock up an ambulance, Ruan can show up, pick up the sick man and they can whisk him offworld to Hwang on Persephone. The captain agrees, and they finish the cargo run to Persephone uneventfully, the ship runs better than ever. They unload their cargo and Hwang meets them to give them the drug ring, an antidote for the user, the invitations and details about the bounty. They depart promptly and hop across to Bellerophon.

Scoping out
The ship lands at the port at Han's Landing and they begin to investigate and prepare. Windsor, Naomi and Ruan visit the restaurant to check out the security, Naomi conceals a signal jammer in the bathroom just in case. Cid flies shuttle 1 out to the wilderness and finds a secluded area nearby to use as a rendezvous. Ruan, Silas and Junior scout around the estate. After reviewing the situation, they decide that Cid will stand by in a shuttle at the rendezvous point. Windsor and Naomi will attend the ball but Naomi will have the ring. Instead of trying to hack the restaurant's communications to divert the emergency call, they find where the ambulance crew in the area is stationed and plan to hijack the ambulance. Clothes are prepared and ambulance uniforms bought.

Kidnapping is a dirty word
On the day of the party Windsor and Naomi go for haircuts etc, as does Ruan. Windsor rents a limo and before they leave, Naomi takes the antidote. The limo takes them to the party and they mingle. Cid flies Ruan, Silas and Junior to the ambulance parking area and they sneak up on the ambulance and knock out the crew with stun batons and taser gloves. The ambulance crew is tied up and transferred to the shuttle and flown off. Ruan and his team wait in the ambulance for the call. Windsor and Naomi are able to find Casal and fake their way through a greeting and Naomi doses him. Afterwards they withdraw for some food and small talk with some of the guests. They see Casal pass out come over to help and suggest that he needs an ambulance. The maitre'd calls rescue services and sure enough, they call the stolen ambulance. Ruan responds to the call and flies the ambulance to the employee lot and leads Silas and Junior through the employee's door which he noticed doesn't have a weapon scanner. They quickly pick up the "victim" and carry him out. Back in the ambulance, Ruan lifts off and flies to the rendezvous point and they put the unconscious ambulance crew back in their own vehicle. Cid flies them back to the Britannia and Windsor and Naomi arrive in their limo. They depart Bellerophon and return to Persephone where Hwang meets them at the docks. Casal is starting to wake up and as Hwang cuffs him, he taunts Casal about how disappointed his parents were when he didn't show up for the wedding, but don't worry, Hwang will make sure he arrives this time…

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee bought the Leadership Asset for Captain Windsor, but he was a little backwards…
Lee "I'm going to help them so I can give them a 2 step penalty with my asset"

Talking about the contact poison will linger on your hand
Matt "Don't touch your junk"

The local paramedics use air-car ambulances, but all the characters have specialty in wheeled ground vehicles
Kevin "Can I bolt wheels on it?"

Naomi takes the antidote
Jim "Roll a percentile"
Raleigh gets 05%
Jim "Whoaaa. I gave a 1% chance you could be allergic to the antidote…"

The team knocks out the ambulance crew to steal their vehicle
Lee "I used to be an ambulance driver until I took a stun baton to the head"

Naomi is pretending to be Captain Windsor's date, walking in on his arm
Emily "Roll to sashay"