Beginners' Game

I am doing a series of introductory adventures with some new players (Katya and Evan) and my regular players to help the new people learn. The adventures are roughly strung together, but players are rotating in and out as they're available, so we're ignoring continuity. Since most of the adventures are one nighters, if a player can't make it, we just say their character is on a side quest and I will level them up when they come back. We are using my campaign setting 1, Aarenis. But since it's not regular campaign play, I have loosened most of my character restrictions. We're also rotating characters; Sam has played Nick's paladin, Nick is trying a monk and Brittany is trying a bard.
UPDATE- My old players Kevin and Emily are back, and they wanted to use their old characters from Rime of the Frost Maiden, so we're doing some more linked delves.

Players and Characters
Brittany- Half-elf Monk Tai-Li/Human Lore Bard Beatrice
Mike- Halfling Rogue Swashbuckler Don Jon
Evan- Circle of the Moon Druid Chatterfang
Jack- Elf Ancients Paladin Strethwood Tryder
Katya- Dragonblood Human Sorcerer Druka
Nick- Human Devotion Paladin Urban/Human Mercy Monk Lo Pan
Sam- Elf Eloquence Bard Capote Villa/Paladin Urban/Human Wizard Avira
Emily- Satyr Eloquence Bard Foxy Shazam Superstar
Kevin- Firbolg Circle of the Moon Druid Varis Sparkfall

Bandits at Brewersbridge
Ghost Tower
Liartians in Rye
Foxglove Fall
Night Terrors
The Elfane Taig
Giant Hunting
Hag Tower

Magic Items
Horn of Valhalla
Illusion Dust
Aranessa's Harp
Ring of Liquid Identification
Belt of Ogre Strength
Anordramm Flame Tongue Short Sword
Wand of Lightning Bolts
Bronze Griffon

Campaign Setting "Aarenis"

The campaign world I have used for many years, Aarenis, is "home-written". In other words, it's a plagiarized patchwork with bits stolen from:
Elizabeth Moon's "Deeds of Paksenarrion" series (primary source of name, deities, culture and geography)
Glen Cook's "The Black Company" series and "The Tower of Fear" novel
Brian Daley's "Coramonde" series
Lois McMaster Bujold's "The Curse of Chalion"
Michael Moorcock's "Fortress of the Pearl" novel
The AD&D 2nd edition Al-Qadim Arabian Adventures Sourcebook
AD&D 1st edition and 3rd edition Oriental Adventures Sourcebooks
D&D d20/Legend of the Five Rings "Rokugan" books
Gods of Aarenis
Map of Aarenis
Geography of Aarenis
Aarenis Months and Holidays
Wizard Guilds
Assassin and Thieves Guilds
House Rules and Setting Notes