Beaumonde Pioneer

The Beaumonde Pioneer, a Firefly class Mid-Bulk Transport
Dimensions: 191 X 128 X 35 feet
Tonnage: 2,400 tons
Speed Class: 4 cruise/ 6 hard-burn
Crew Quarters: 2 double cabins, 3 single cabins, lounge (210 tons total)
Fuel Capacity: 48 tons (600 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 500 tons in the forward cargo bay, 370 tons in the aft bay.
Passenger Capacity: 4 double cabins (10 tons per person)
Price: 58,560cr new, 14,640cr at auction (Seen Better Days (m) Complication)
Agi d8, Str d6, Vit d8, Ale d2, Int d2, Wil d2 Life Points 14
Traits: Everybody Has One (Major), Healthy As A Horse (Minor)
Skills: Pilot d2, Perception d2
Complexity: Low (26)
Maintenance Costs: 120cr per month
Equipment: 2 20 ton Scarab shuttles

Owned by Captain Rosdower, the Beaumonde Pioneer has spent a lot of time in the Black. With the reward from the rescue of Senator von Alksburg, the crew was able to overhaul her and remove the Seen Better Days (m) complication.

Beaumonde Pioneer Ship’s Locker

1 Rifle (d8W) with sling, optical scope
5 20 round magazines
2 Pump-action Shotguns
100 rounds of shot
100 rounds of slug
4 Automatic pistols (d6W) with holsters, magazine pouches
16 20 round magazines
1 NTx2 Automatic Pistol (d8W), holster
3 20 round magazines
5 Assault Rifles (d8W)
21 30 round magazines, 5 magazine pouches
4 NTx2 Submachineguns (d8W)
16 50 round magazines, 5 magazine pouches
Automatic Shotgun
2 20 round drum magazines of shot
5 Flashbang Grenades
5 Gas Grenades
3 Boarding Grenades
2 Breaching charges

Tools and Equipment
Basic Tool Kit
Mechanics Tool Kit
Electronics Tool Kit
Engineers' Tools
4 Work lights
1 Cutting Torch
1 ton scrapware (plates, reinforcing rods)
1 ton assorted spare parts (filters, conduits, cabling, vaulves, pipes)
Scrappers’ Gel

Water Distiller
6 Vacc Suits
5 rescue balls
5 Ship linked handsets
2 First Aid Kits
6 sets of Cold weather gear
6 Flashlights
300’ of rope
200’ light steel cable
Magnetic grapple gun
4 Handcuffs
Gun truck


Loan payments 270cr/month
Crew salary 300cr/month
Service/docking fee 24cr, 36cr at skyplex for a week
Fuel 2 tons per day, 10cr per ton, 12cr at skyplex
Maintenance 120 cr/month plus repairs
Food .5cr per person per day
Repairs- 4,131cr per damage point
Upgrades: (minor asset or one step increase to stats) 4,449cr for dockyard work, dockyard space costs 120cr per week if you do it yourself, includes heavy equipment rental.

Cargo 1cr/ton short route (example: White Sun to Red Sun or Georgia to Kalidasa)
Passenger 50cr per short route