Battle of Serenity Valley

On May 2nd, 2511, the Alliance returned to the Georgia system and began the invasion of Hera. With the other systems of the 'Verse pacified and Aphrodite and Shadow destroyed, the Independents had withdrawn to Boros and Hera. If no other worlds were going to be free, then at least the Georgia system would remain independent.

Prohibited from extensive planetside bombings and faced with the heavy air defenses around Hera's capital and spaceport, the Alliance moved in and defeated Hera's limited space based defenders. Once the skies were clear, Alliance forces began landing troops a safe distance from Hera's capital, planning to mount a land campaign to defeat the Independents. The path of the invasion would take them through Serenity Valley and the Independents were waiting. It became a bloody fiasco for the Alliance as the Browncoats refused to yield and fought for every rock and tree before retreating. The battle began on May 11th, 2511 and lasted a total of seven bloody weeks. On June 18th, word came from the Independent High Command ordering the troops in Serenity valley to lay down arms and surrender. They refused. The battle lasted another two weeks before the Independents in the valley finally surrendered.