Battle of Qin Shi Huang

The Invasion of Persephone made all the Opposition worlds sit up and take notice. They now had undeniable proof that the Alliance was commited to Unification, by force if necessary. Recruiting and planning began in earnest and the Border and Rim worlds began to arm.

The first military response was the dispatch of armed vessels to Qin Shi Huang to disrupt the Alliance's efforts to conquer the rest of the worlds near Persephone. Former patrol vessels from worlds like Boros, Beaumonde and Meridian arrived and began hunting Alliance transports and their escorts in a wild free for all around the moons of Qin Shi Huang. There were several cases of friendly fire on both sides, and the battle began to escalate as heavier vessels from the former Core Worlds fleets arrived and dealt out serious losses to the lighter Independent ships.

The peak of the battle came when the Glory arrived. Captain Sharpe was not yet fully trusted, and he had not been informed of the coming attack. When word reached him, the Glory raced to the scene and rallied the survivors. As the Alliance forces began to overwhelm them, Sharpe called for withdrawal and led the breakout. The Glory's singlehanded defeat of a Sihnon destroyer squadron indelibly established her as the flagship for newly formed Independent Space Navy.