Basilisk Cure

(GM's note- Based on material from Search for a Cure)

Michael- Human Tyr Cleric Gyles
Mike- Elf Fighter Negral
Lee- Human Bard Jables
Callum- Half-Elf Ranger KG
Jake- Elf Ranger Alan
Andrew- Human Paladin Sir Hugo "The Meathammer"
Chris- Human Mage Altier

The party arrives at the town of Halenshire, a few days before the festival of Greengrass. The town is already partly decorated, but the townspeople seem depressed and unhappy. Jables approaches one to ask for directions to an inn, and asks why the long faces. The local explains that the dukes daughter was supposed to be betrothed at the festival, but someone planted a basilisk eye in her gifts and she was turned to stone. The duke is offering 2,000 gold nobles if someone can save his daughter. The party discusses the matter and decide to help. Jables knows there is a very old druid shrine to the north, maybe they can find a cure there. They decide to purchase some supplies and gifts for the druid and leave town immediately to head North. The bard leads the way, but is a little uncertain of his directions and Negral has to keep him on the trail. They arrive at the shrine and leave the gifts in the offering bowl on the altar. The druid sneaks in as a squirrel to investigate the gifts, then appears to the party. They explain what has happened and she provides a potion recipe.
With the recipe, they head back to the town and meet the duke to explain what they need. He provides a gold bowl and pestle for the potion and will look for a mourning mother's tears. They head to the nearby city and go to a temple of Ashto to have the items blessed and get a vial of basilisk blood from the alchemist who mentions he has some fresh, he bought it off an adventurer a few weeks back…
Now they head into the mountains to find a troll to burn for ash. Alan and KG find troll sign, but can't find the trolls and camp for the night. But the trolls have found them and five trolls attack the camp in the middle of the night. Its a vicious battle, Gyles is badly wounded but they defeat the trolls and burn them and recover some of the ash.
The party returns to Halenshire, but on the road outside of town they are ambushed by a group of mercenaries pretending to be bandits with two crossbowmen firing from the woods. Jables puts most of the attackers to sleep with a Hypnosis spell and Alan and Altier kill one of the crossbowman, but the other escapes. They question one of the fighters, thinking whoever enchanted the princess is out to stop them from saving her. The fighter agrees to talk if Sir Hugo swears as a paladin of Tyr that he will be let go. Hugo agrees and the mercenary explains the two crossbowmen are assassins; the Church of Liart has put out a contract on the party for interfering with their activities. Jables searches the downed crossbowman and finds a signet ring from the Nighthawks assassins guild and vials of poison. They turn the one mercenary loose and march the others into town. That night Altier makes the potion and the duke's daughter is saved. There is a feast to celebrate and her betrothal ceremony is carried out, the party are honored guests and the duke pays them their reward plus a bounty for the assassins.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
After the players rolled new hit points from leveling up
Michael "I have plenty of HP now"
Jim "I can take care of that"

Describing the townsfolk as depressed, even though the Spring festival is imminent
Andrew "Maybe they're Sabres fans"

Meeting the female druid
Andrew "Your name wouldn't be Poison Ivy, would it?"

Looking for troll ash at the alchemist's
Michael "The hipsters smoked all the troll ash"

Callum "What's the <blast> radius of Fireball?"
Lee "Too big"

Discussing who needed help in the battle
Michael "As long as the cleric is alive, I can heal other people"
Lee "As long as the bard is alive, I can compose a eulogy for the cleric"

Michael rolls 4d4 for a healing spell and gets 4 1's
Lee "Worst. Heal. Ever."

Setting fire to the trolls
Lee "Fire! Fire! Fire!"

Talking about princess who was turned to stone
Michael "She has rock hard abs"
Andrew "They were taking the duke's daughter for granite"

Lee "We should go to the Church of Tyr and see if we can get a new priest"

Lee is joking about the bard composing a song to his new sword
Jim "When the bard starts calling the sword "my precious", its time to cut him off"

The bard's play list:
1. Deathblade
2. Kill the Troll
3. Blood Glass
4. A Mother's Tears
5. Over the Mountain
6. Love, Reign o'er Me
7. Banditos
8. Rock of Ages