Herdessa Base

Herdessa Base is a combined Republic facility. It supports several different units of the Republic government, starting with a Judicial Branch Fleet station and a battalion post of ground force peacekeepers. There are also detachments of Republic Intelligence and criminal investigation teams. The primary law enforcement team is a group of Jedi Knights. A unit of military police provides security for the base.

Herdessa's primary mission is to provide support to Judicial Branch Fleet patrols covering the sector. The base provides logistics, maintenance and repair for ships in the area, primarily small patrol craft and CR90 Corvettes. Herdessa's location on the Corellian Run means a lot of traffic moves through the sector. In addition, Herdessa serves as home port for larger warships that back up the patrol ships in time of crisis. The naval unit also maintains troop transports and freighters to move peace keeping units or provide humanitarian aid.