Michael- Dwarf Thief, Xander
Andre- Human Fighter, Ali
Jake- Elf Ranger, Alan
Lee- Human Cleric of Tyr, Lothar
Callum- Human Fighter, Ancip
Chris- Elf Mage, Edres
Andrew- Human Paladin of Tyr, Sir Hugo "the Meat Hammer"
Brett- Human Fighter Symus

The party arrives in Barnacus, a small port town. Looking for work and training, Xander is contacted by the local Thieves' Guild for a job. There is a haunted house that might be more than it seems, disappearances seem to be centered on it. Check it out and see what is going on.
They enter the house, which is old and decrepit. They find the body of a vagrant and are attcked by large spiders who have his skeleton covered in webs. Upstairs they find the corpse of the previous owner who supposedly left town, his spirit lingers as a poltergeist. Lothar Turns the spirit and sends it to rest. 

They explore the basement and find a secret trap door leading into the catacombs beneath the city. The ladder down is trapped, but they make it to the room at the base. A side door leads to a room full of guard dogs, they begin barking and attack the party. The dogs' barking brings guards from around the hall who attack with crossbows and swords. The party slays the dogs and guards and travel into the catacombs. In the guards' room, there is a large lever which locks the pit traps further down the hallway. They find another guard room with more guards. Xander uses his Hat of Disguise to poke in and talk to theo there guards, then they leave and Wizard Lock the door, trapping the guards for now. They travel deeper into the catacombs and find a small chamber occupied by a grell. They kill the grell and explore, just past the chamber is a ladder leading to the surface. The tunnels were too small for the grell to fit through, it looks like someone broight it hear and let it grow to be a guard for this entrance. They backtrack and go down the other branch of the tunnels and find a locked door which, unfortunately for Xander, has a lightning Glyph of Warding on it. Beyond is a large, clean room with a conference table and chairs and a very detailed map of Barnacus on the wall. Complex markings are written on the map on various buildings which appear to be merchants' offices and wealthy homes. A sideroom has a small bed and footlocker, and some arms and equipment. On the wall is a tapestry with the unholy symbol of Liart. The foot locker contains some cash and unholy vestments and a gruesome battleaxe. It looks like Liartians are behind the mystery. The other side room has a prisoner, a fighter named Symus, who was searching the catacombs for a missing friend. The mysterious guards imprisoned him. The party releases him, gives him back his gear from the other room and takes him along.
A long tunnel leads them to an old, locked door, beyond is a large room filled with various mushrooms and fungi, apparently being cultivated. The party crosses the room and are attacked by giant shrooms with acid dripping tentacles. After fighting their way through, the party finds a work chamber with tools and a stairwell leading to an alley in the restaurant district. Looks like the fungus farm belongs to a local cook. Tired from their attacks, they leave for healing and several hours of rest.
When they return, the bad guys are ready for them. They come to the main rooms in the complex and the guards are waiting for them. They slug it out with the guards and find out the Liartians' temple is nearby. They break in and find the Liartian priest, his bodyguards and some big, vicious war dogs. It's a huge brawl and Edres uses Monster Summoning to call some pedipalps and then some orcs. Lothar gets close enough to use his sword's Roar of the Lion ability to stun the priest and the orcs mob the priest and cut him down.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Andrew "Do I get a +2 to detect zoning violations?"

The party splashes water on Xander to wake him up
Jim "It smells like wet dwarf, which is not as bad as wet dog"
They do the same to Edres
Lee "So do wet elves smell like daisies?"