Barbarian Class

The original Barbarian class in the Unearthed Arcana was ridiculously overpowered. They trimmed it down a bit in Dragon Magazine #148 (Tracking down the Barbarian), but I'm not 100% satisfied. So here we go:

15" move
Non-Lawful alignment
D12 HD, double hit point bonus for high Constitution
Double Dexterity bonus to AC wearing light or no armor (no effects on to hit or initiative)
Paladin XP chart for levels
Four weapon proficiencies at 1st level, 1/3 levels. Starting weapon proficiencies must include spear, knife or dagger and your tribe's preferred weapon. You may specialize at fourth level.
Four non-weapon proficiencies at 1st level, 1/3 levels. Starting non-weapon proficiencies should include three of your tribe's recommended proficiencies. No bonus starting proficiencies, including Read/Write which I normally give everyone. You have to buy it.
Barbarian abilities: Surprise, Horde summoning, Hide in natural surroundings, Back protection, Leadership, Leaping and springing, Healing are as in UA.