Barakiel Milne

Barakiel was born in a small town outside of Waterdeep. His family was the millers of the small community. During his early childhood, his mother Shai would tell him stories of his birth and how special he was. Everyone in the village knew the story that as Shai was giving birth a bright light fell on their home. Shai and his father Glaf claim an angel came to pull Barakiel from the womb. Most of the villagers didn't fully believe it but couldn't ignore the talent and skill Barakiel had.

Barakiel grows up to learn the family trade. Even at a young age, he wanted to help others. On a daily bases, he would travel around the village working and learning. As he slept at night he would hear a voice telling him to help others and grow strong so he did all he could for others. Every few years a Scholar from the city would come out to the small villages to try to teach the kids to read and write. Barakiel was so Adapt and quick to learn that the scholar decided to test him for magical Aptitude which he had high potential. It was then decided that he would be taken to the city to train at a magic school.

Within the 1st year of training, Barakiel was in the top of his class. His skill at the fundamentals was unmatched and he worked hard to help others become better. Before his 2nd year, an archmage came to review his class. Barakiel with 2 other students a human boy Leam Cartwright and a female half-elf Zia Tan would be taken as his Apprentices. Which was a very rare opportunity the archmage had never taken any apprentice before and there were rumors he was a Lord of Waterdeep.

Barakiel spent 3 years under this apprenticeship. It was not the easiest nor peaceful experience. He was a harsh teacher. Failure was not an option. He expected every lesson to be mastered quickly and moved on to the next. If he felt you took to long to learn you were beaten and put into Isolation. It was hard but Barakiel wanted to learn and grow. helping his classmates when they fell behind on a lesson even at the cost of Punishment for himself.

Along with training, the archmage would Instill in them the teachings of loyalty and nationalism. That one does not only live in the city but live for the city. Anyone that serves to disrupt the greatness that they build should be destroyed. Barakiel felt great pride in what he was doing. He would be able to grow strong and protect those around him. They would travel with the archmage on to check with the city guard. There they would find spies and traitors. They would be tortured and questioned. He even let Barakiel and the others help. Barakiel felt this what was needed this was the duty he was committed to, that this was helping people. During this time the voice that he heard in his dreams seemed to get smaller until he could not remember if he heard it anymore.

When it was time to graduate and become full wizards they were given time to visit there home to see their families. Barakiel was welcomed home with a huge feast and loving arms. He spent a week catching up with everyone in the village. He met his new 4-year-old sister and told his parents stories of what he learned. On the last night, before he would head back to the city. He was too excited to sleep. Walking to get a drink of water he heard whispering on the lower floor of his home. As he neared the stairs he overheard his parents with a group of villagers talking about rebellion and overthrowing the lords of Waterdeep. Heartbroken and Ashamed he sneaked out of the house and headed to the nearby town the archmage was staying at. He found the archmage with his classmates already there and discovered that it was not only his village planning this rebellion but theirs also.

They decided to make examples out of their families. That if they wanted to be protectors of the city they would have to stop any evil no matter who they were. At Leams home they watched as he took an ax that he used Hundreds of times to cut wood to Butcher his family. They accompanied Zia to her family were they sat for breakfast but during preparation, she slipped a powerful poison in their food. Barakiel took them to his family's house the next night. Asked for help to pull a wagon of hay up to the building and lite it ablaze. They stood outside the home as it took flame. He could hear the screaming of his family as they burnt alive when something snapped in him.

They were all taken back to the school. Barakiel’s mind became completely broken. The archmage told the teachers that he would treat him and took him back to his lab. He experimented on him doing forbidden dark arts to pull the magic from his body into himself. This was his plan all along. Somehow Barakiel survived the process unexpectedly. The archmage decided to ship him off to a place that held mentally broken magically atones Individuals.

Unsure how long he spent in there in the small house deep in the woods. During his time being taken care of another patient that talked Incoherent about gods and the end of time walked up to him grabbed his face and everything became clear to him. The time he spent before graduation was not at home but in the archmage's lab. That he didn’t see his family talk of rebellion or terrorism. That it was a spell cast on him to alter his memories. Within the next moment the same woman screamed for the voices to get out of her head then her eyes turn black. She jumped at Barakiel taking a bite into his shoulder which causes him to collapse in pain. He thrashes around in a feverish rage. The 3 caretakers tied him down to a bed to get him under control. His mind whorled and feverish dreams took him. He saw shadows closing in around him with clawed hands ready to rip him apart. The man that Destroyed his life appeared laughing. The small voice of his childhood returned telling him wick men still walk, fight. As the darkness covers him another voice deeper then the last speak to him asking if he Desires power, desires revenge, desires Justice. He answers yes.

He remembers waking up in a forest with a blade next to him and a burning mark on his shoulder where the woman bit him. When he grabs hold of the blade the burning stops. The voice returned saying go, grow strong, but lowly says feed me. Unsure what happened or what power he has come across but he has the chance to stop a greater evil in the world. He made his way back to Waterdeep not noticing the blood dripping from the black blade.

Appearance (Aasimar):
Barakiel is above average human height standing at 6’6” with an athletic strong build. Dark skin born with silver hair but after being touched his hair turned black which he keeps in a long Braid down his back.

Background: Haunted One

Personality Traits:
I refuse to become a victim, and I will not allow others to be victimized. I don't talk about the thing that torments me. I'd rather not burden others with my curse.

I kill monsters to make the world a safer place and to exorcize my own demons.

A terrible guilt consumes me. I hope that I can find redemption through my actions.

I assume the worst in people. If I watch someone die by fire I may go into shock.

(Aasimar) Zaapiel – Angel punisher of wicked souls. - Seek and destroy evil. Protect those who can't defend themselves.

(Hexblade Warlock) Night's Fall: Shadowfell Entity - This beautifully crafted onyx blade houses an intelligent, ever hungry Entity. Personality: Night's fall is cold, vicious, and seeks violence at any opportunity. Feeds on death, chaos, pain, and rage.

Dreams / Visions

You see the face of Vaeron - it melts into a featureless, blank face and then disappears. You now see an indistinct figure of an angel, glowing with light. He speaks your name and you recognize the voice of Zaapiel. He continues speaking but you can no longer make out what he is saying. Behind him, you see a blackened and barren tree. On a branch, a large black bird is staring intently and intelligently at you. You point to the bird and Zaapiel turns to look, but the tree and the bird are gone…