Ball's in your Court

(GM's note- Final scene was stolen from Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files series, it's a scene in the book "Changes")

Team: Miyoshi, Stone, Alexander
Date: 12/14/13

The team is assembled for a briefing, but in one of the morgues. Director Corrigan meets them and shows them the bodies of two vampires, killed by blades and decapitation, then staked though the heart. She explains they have been given a surprising request for assistance from an allied power; Asgard… The vampires were part of a team that infiltrated Asgard and stole some Golden Apples. BPRD has been asked to assist the investigation on Earth. The team examines the bodies and decides they are relatively young, recently turned vampires from somewhere in Eastern Europe. There has been an increase in vampire activity in Romania, so the team draws blessed bullets and vampire hunting gear and flies to Bucharest.
They are met at the airport by a local detective, Adrian Dalca, who tells them the vampire activity has occurred near the town of Foscani, in an area known for vampires and such. He drives the team there, and they see the town is closed up after dark and doors are decorated with crosses and crucifixes. A local girl is missing and believed kidnapped. They do visit the local church and talk to the priest and to the bartender about old tales. They learn the area was once ruled by a vampire and that there is a ruined castle and family cemetery outside of town. The next morning they go to an internet cafe and use Google maps to get directions and drive out to the cemetery. They find a large mausoleum which is actually an opening to underground catacombs. When they open the door and enter, they are attacked by three vampires. They kill two and one escapes. They follow the third vampire inside and down to a burial chamber with three biers for sarcophagi. One has the missing girl, bound and gagged. One holds an old coffin and the third has an iron maiden. The escaped vampire is arguing with two more. The team attacks and kills another vampire, one of the other two casts a spell and opens a portal, the two vampires flee through with the girl. The team pursues and finds themselves in the Faerie realms, smack in the middle of the dining hall of the Erlking, Lord of Goblins and Master of the Wild Hunt. The Erlking makes a comment about what unusual "guests" have appeared and the party claims hospitality from him. The vampires claim the team are lowly scavengers, trying to steal their rightful prey. After some debate, the Erlking decides on a battle of champions to settle matters. Miyoshi fights one of the vampires in a ring of fire and defeats the vampire. The Erlking congratulates them on their victory and reopens the portal so they may leave. The last vampire is taken away to provide amusement in the goblins' torture chambers.
The team returns and finds the Golden Apples in the burial chamber. They return the girl and fly back to BPRD. A group of valkyries arrives to reclaim the Golden Apples. A week later Director Corrigan calls the team to her office and gives them thank you gifts that were just delivered from Asgard: spirit weapons; a katana, an axe and a sword.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee "You ever notice how vampire lairs are never in some place like Bermuda?"

Jerry "Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Or well done"
Jim "But your homeowner's insurance rates are very high"

A group of valkyries has arrived at the BPRD to reclaim the Golden Apples:
Jim "Imagine the Swedish Bikini Team in full chainmail with swords"